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Power-One Micro Inverters

Get the most out of each panel with the Aurora Micro, Power One's new line of micro inverters! Backed by Power-One's world class technology, these new entries to the market are compatible with 60, 72, and even 96 cell modules. They also offer module-level monitoring, the ability to add to your array as you go, and of course, MPPT technology so each panel performs to its maximum ability.

Power-One AC-TRUNK-UNLOCK-TOOL > Unlocking Tool Power-One AC-TRUNK-PLUG-CAP > Sealing Cap
Our Price: $0.58
Our Price: $1.56
Power-One AC-TRUNK-UNLOCK-TOOL - Unlocking Tool for Power-One Micro Power-One AC-TRUNK-PLUG-CAP - Sealing Cap for Power-One Micro
Aurora Micro
Unlock Tool
Aurora Micro
Sealing Cap
Power-One AC-TRUNK-END-CAP > End Cap Branch Terminator
Our Price: $9.00
Power-One AC-TRUNK-END-CAP - End Cap Branch Terminator
Aurora Micro
End Cap