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EcoDirect Referral Program
Solar Panels

Refer a Friend, Earn Some Cash

EcoDirect's New Solar Referral Program

Have a friend and/or family member who is thinking about adding solar to their rooftop? Refer them to EcoDirect and earn a check when they buy!

EcoDirect Referral Program FAQ

  • I know someone who’d love EcoDirect and would like to refer them. How do I start?
    To start the referral process, please sign up for our referral program here . Once you’ve signed up, you can share your unique referral link via email, social networks, and direct email invite. Please note, in order to take part in our referral program, terms and conditions apply. You may view the terms of service of our referral program here.

  • What is a successful referral?
    In order for a referral to count, the person you’ve referred must be brand new to EcoDirect when they sign up and spend over $10,000.

  • How do I know how many of my referrals have signed up?
    Once you’ve signed up for our referral program, you will be able to see how many referrals have signed up by logging into our referral program homepage here.

  • If one of my referral signs up, when and how do I get my reward?
    We manually approve all rewards. Once your reward is approved, you will receive an email from us notifying you with more details.

  • My referral forgot to use my unique referral link to sign up. Is there a way I can still receive credit?
    Please contact our team to assist you.