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Power-One Grid-Tie Inverters

Currently the second largest manufacturer of solar power inverters globally, Power-One’s Renewable Energy Solutions continues to see remarkable growth. With manufacturing centers in Phoenix, Arizona and Toronto, Canada, the Power-One Aurora brand of renewable energy power inverters offer best-in-class performance and reliability along with a global customer care package.

Power One has recently released a series of Aurora micro inverters that are compatible with 60, 72, and even 96 cell modules. This new line, called the Aurora Micro, offers all the benefits of micro inverters backed by Power One's world-class technology.

Why Power-One Renewable Energy?

Power-One has a long-standing history in the North American power electronics industry and this has served us very well as we have made great strides within the Renewable Energy industry.

If you are new to our products, we offer the full range of photovoltaic and wind products from small residential units up to large utility-grade units. As a global company, we have many benefits to offer our customers. First, our range of Aurora products is renowned for being one of the most efficient, robust and technically advanced currently on sale. Industry magazine Photon magazine said our European 10.0kW three-phase inverter ‘takes its place among the top devices Photon Lab has tested so far’.

We also provide our customers with an excellent pre- and post-sales service ensuring the orders they place are correct to their specification as well as an efficient care package to ensure their goods remain in perfect working order for more than their expected lifetime.

Power-One has built its Renewable Energy business on a very open, transparent approach, providing our customers with clear payment and delivery schedules while maintaining a very close relationship throughout the manufacturing process and beyond. We are very satisfied with the feedback from our key clients who we see more as partners than customers. As a business-to-business organization, we like to think of ourselves as our customers’ manufacturing arm – no different than if we were within their organizations.

We provide solutions to the PV industry. Our objective is to be the best in class for on-time delivery and reliable products. Since 2009, Power-One has gone from the Top 10 of the world’s solar inverter manufacturers to the Top Two at the end of 2010.

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