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Wind Turbines

Wind power is the oldest renewable energy technology. By using turbines to transform the wind's kinetic energy into electrical energy, power can be generated for as low as 3.5 cents per kilowatt hour, which is comparable to coal without generating any pollution. Add to this the fact that wind energy cannot be depleted (there is enough potential wind in the US to power the whole country), wind's consistent cost, and the overall simplicity of a wind system and wind energy becomes a very attractive proposition.

Looking to support the United States economy? According to the Department of Energy, a massive 70 percent of the equipment installed at US wind projects last year came from domestic manufacturers. EcoDirect supplies wind turbines, power inverters, charge controllers, batteries, and all the design support you need to get you started down the path to wind power.

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Wind Turbine Selection Guide

Much like solar power, wind power systems share a single central component, whether they are generating wind power for your home, boat, or remote power station: the wind turbine itself. Once you have confirmed that you can install a wind turbine in your area (check local zoning codes), there are a few steps to take:

  1. Reduce energy consumption. As with all renewable energy technologies, the first step is to ensure that you have done everything possible to reduce your energy consumption in other ways, such as replacing old incandescent bulbs with energy efficient LED Lights, reducing summer air conditioning dependence with a Solar Attic Fan, adding natural light to your home with Tubular Skylights, and more. By first reducing energy consumption, you reduce the size of the system you will need, saving money and reducing payback time.
  2. Determine your load.. You should start by looking at your past utility bills or at the specific needs of the electronics you would like to power with your turbine. If you would like to go completely off the grid, remember that you will need to completely cover your power needs. If you need help determining your load, contact our specialists at 888-899-3509 x1.
  3. Check your wind speed. You can use a wind speed map like the one linked below. This is important to determine your home's potential for wind power; if there is little to no wind in your area, a wind turbine will be a waste of your money.

  4. Grid-tie, off-grid, or hybrid? If you are unsure, look at the information you gathered in steps two and three above. If you need a great deal of power or your home has a low potential for wind power, you may be limited by cost to a smaller grid-tied system. For those who want to go off-grid even though they live in areas where there simply isn't enough wind to support them, solar may be a good alternative.
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