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Solar Inverters

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Renewable energy systems generate DC power, but normal household appliances operate on AC power. The inverter's job is to take that incoming DC power, be it from solar panels, batteries, or wind turbines, and convert it to AC so you can use it.

There are many different types of inverters; the most important factor in choosing yours is your application. Will you be tied into the utility grid, completely independent of it, or a combination of the two? Is there partial shading where your solar panels will go?

OutBack Power FP3 Triple Inverter Systems

Save Time and Speed up your Solar Installation with a Fully Pre-Wired & Factory Tested Triple Inverter System

The FLEXpower THREE FXR Systems are designed for 120/208VAC 60Hz three phase applications with medium sized power requirements, such as light commercial or larger backup power systems. FLEXpower THREE systems are offered in 9kW and 10.3kW configurations.

Click here to view the OutBack Power's FLEXpower THREE Inverter line.