Generac PWRcell 7.6kW Single Phase 120/240Vac Grid-Tied / Battery Back-Up Inverter - UL1741-SA (Rule-21)

Manufacturer Part Number: XVT076A03

7.6kW PWRcell Inverter w/ CTs and CT Adapter

Generac PWRcell: The Intelligent Solar and Storage System

Solar + storage is simple with the Generac PWRcell™ Inverter. This bi-directional, REbus™-powered inverter offers a simple, efficient design for integrating smart batteries with solar. Ideal for self-supply, backup power, zero-export and energy cost management, the PWRcell Inverter is the industry’s most feature-rich line of inverters.

Features & Benefits

  • Single inverter for grid-tied solar with smart battery integration
  • Simplified system design: No autotransformer or battery inverter needed
  • User-selectable modes for backup power, self-supply, time-of-use, zero-import and export limiting
  • Free system monitoring included via PWRview™ Web Portal and Mobile App


Model XVT076A03
Series PWRcell
Manufacturer Generac


Type Grid Interactive / Peak Shaving / Battery Back-up
Operating Temperature Range -0° C - 50° C
Cooling Advanced Front Venting
Dimensions (W x H x D) 24.5" x 19.25" x 8"
Weight 62.7 lbs
Shipping Method Freight

AC Output / Grid Tie

Continuous Power Output at 25° C 7600 VA
AC Output Voltage 120/240 VAC
AC Frequency 60 Hz
Maximum Continuous Output Current 32 A, RMS
Ground-Fault Isolation Detection Included
Charge Battery From AC Yes
THD (Current) < 2 %
Typical Nighttime Power Consumption < 7 Watts

AC Output / Island Mode

Max. Cont. AC Power While in Island Mode without an external transfer switch 7600 VA
Max. Cont. AC Power While in Island Mode with an external transfer switch and single 6 module battery cabinet 9000 W
Max. Cont. AC Power While in Island Mode with an external transfer switch and 2 battery cabinets (8 Module Minimum) 11,000 W
Peak Motor Starting Current (2 Seconds): 50 A, RMS
AC Backup Output Voltage 120/240, 1Ø VAC
AC Frequency 60 Hz
THD (Voltage) < 2 %
Optimal Split Phase Imbalance for Maximum System Performance: ≤ 30%

DC Input

DC Input Voltage Range 360-420 VDC
Nominal DC Bus Voltage 380 VDC
Max Input Current 30 A
Reverse-Polarity Protection Yes
Ground-Fault Isolation Detection
Transformerless, Ungrounded Yes
DC Bus Export Fuses (+/-): 40 A
2-Pole Disconnection Yes


Peak Efficiency 97.3 %
CEC Weighted Efficiency 96.5 %

Additional Features

Supported Communications Interfaces REbus, CANbus, Ethernet
System Monitoring PWRview Web Portal and Mobile App
Backup Loads Disconnect Yes, 50A Circuit Breaker
Manual Inverter Bypass Switch Automatic
Warranty 10 Years

Standard Compliance

Safety UL 1741 SA, CSA 22.2 #107.1, UL 1998
Grid Connection Standards IEEE 1547, Rule 21, Rule 14H (HECO V1.1), CSIP, UL 1741 PCS CRD (Import Only, Export Only)
Emissions FCC part15 class B

Installation Guidelines

Battery Types Supported PWRcell battery module
Module String Size Per PV Link Optimizer Varies, refer to PV Link Installation Manual
Maximum Recommended DC Power From PV 10kW (1Ø)
Batteries Per Inverter Up to 2