Generac > PWRcell Battery Enclosure for Li-Ion Battery

Manufacturer Part Number: APKE00028

- Requires PWRcell 2.85kWh Battery Module - sold separately.
Minimum of 3 Generac A0000391219 PWRcell Battery Modules (8.6 usable kWh) needed to use inside the Generac APKE00007 PWRcell Battery Enclosure. Able to be expanded to 6 PWRcell Battery Modules in a single PWRcell Battery Enclosure (17.1 usable kWh).

Generac PWRcell: Outdoor Rated Battery

The PWRcell™ Outdoor Rated (OR) Battery Cabinet is a Type 3R smart battery platform that allows for a range of configurations to suit any need, small or large, indoor or outdoor. No other smart battery offers the power and flexibility of PWRcell. Whether for backup power or smart energy management, PWRcell has power and capacity options for every need, without sacrificing flexibility or function.

PWRcell Battery Cabinet Design

The PWRcell Battery Cabinet allows system owners the flexibility to scale from an economical 9kWh to a massive 18kWh by installing additional battery modules to the PWRcell Battery Cabinet. When needs change, an existing PWRcell Battery Cabinet can be upgraded with additional modules. Use the graphic below and the chart on the back of this sheet to understand what components you need for your chosen PWRcell configuration.


  • Connect 2 PWRcell Battery Cabinets to a single PWRcell Inverter for up to 36kWh of storage
  • Best-in-class battery backup power
  • Plug-and-play with PWRcell Inverters and PV Links
  • Time-of-use (TOU) and zero-export ready
  • Residential and commercial application ready
  • 3R-rated cabinet allows for outdoor or indoor installation
  • Additional mounting hardware for outdoor installations comes standard to provide additional ground clearance and support.


Model APKE00028
Series PWRcell
Manufacturer Generac


Type Grid Interactive / Peak Shaving / Battery Back-up
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 45 °C*
Recommended Temperature Range 13 to 30 ºC
Dimensions (W x H x D) 68" x 22" 10"
Weight 62.7 lbs
Shipping Method Freight