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NEP - Northern Electric Power

NEP offers solar power conversion and data solutions for safety, performance at a great economic value.

Northern Electric Power was founded in the USA, by a California based executive team. NEP has over a 10 year history of developing advanced solar power conversion solutions. Northern Electric Power has shipped market leading microinverter and rapid shutdown MLPE products to customers in more than 35 countries.


  • Best economic value for customers
  • Microinverters that save up to 40%
  • US led in Silicon Valley, with all its intensity & perform
  • More simple solutions enabled by caring people and a competitive company
  • Streamlined/straightforward, effortless enterprise, individuals, and offerings
  • Rapid shutdown solution for value beyond NEC code
  • 10 years and 35 countries have proven our MLPE performance


NEP has UL1741, certification, issued by Underwriters Laboratories; the most important for system interconnection tests in the USA.