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Storz Power

Storz Power systems and packages include Batteries and Inverters, which are designed to capture natural energy via solar, leverage Storz Power’s AI+ technology which increases energy efficiency, and store energy for future use. Storz Power essentially allows you to access your own power grid and monitor energy usage.

You have access to a large storage of energy to power breakers or appliances in your home with the Storz Power Batteries with each at 5 kWh, and expandable up to 14 Batteries (or 70 kWh) in parallel per Inverter; each home can handle up to 12 Inverters, with each 12K Inverter producing up to 15kW PV and each 15K Inverter producing up to 19.5 kW PV. Storz Power’s AI+ packages have energy capacities that range from 10 kWh to 30 kWh. Each of our packages are expandable up to 840 kWh either now or later, which makes them future proof for when you decide to add on more backup power later.

Storz Power's mission is simple— to provide powerful, sustainable energy solutions that are healthy for both people and the environment. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are eager to bring the flexibility and convenience of solar energy storage to each and every home.

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Storz Power AI+


Storz Power’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enables you to do more with less and be a better steward of utilizing Earth’s natural resources.


  • AI+ technology enables you to do more with less


  • Parallel stacking so you can scale the system to the size your home needs.
  • Produces zero emissions
  • Generates and stores energy from the sun


  • Offers the most powerful whole home battery system on the market
  • Empowers you with energy independence
  • Enables you to have complete control of how you want to use your energy
  • Live with the peace of mind that your home energy is backed up when the power is out


  • Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP)
  • Rigorously tested, UL 1973, UL 9540, UL 9540A
  • ETL / Intertek listed, tested, and passed
  • Securely power your home even when the grid power is out


  • Reduces power conversion losses
  • Reduces materials and labor required for your ESS system
  • Increases the life of your investment with our AI+ technology system management and robust warranty


  • AC and DC coupling
  • Solar and generator ready
  • Stack 1-12 inverters
  • Stack 1-14+ batteries in parallel per inverter
  • Build a custom package with the AI+ Custom Whole Home solution
  • Add extra system components to any package initially or in the future