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Enphase Enlighten Monitoring

Enphase Enlighten enables a new level of performance, reliability and management for solar energy installations. Enlighten is integrated into the Enphase Microinverter System and provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of every solar module. Upon logging in to the online portal, home owners and installers get an at-a-glance view of the status their entire system is performing as well as provide visual alerts for anything that requires attention.

Enlighten at Work


Enlighten constantly monitors every module and compares its performance to each of its neighboring modules to identify any production issues.


Using its built-in analysis algorithms, Enlighten analyzes production shortfalls, establishes a possible cause and suggests solutions to remedy the situation.


Enlighten promptly sends an alert to the system ownder or installer per the user-defined preferences established at installation.

Benefits of Enlighten

Plug-and-Play Installation

Enphase Energy's per-module monitoring technology is integrated into the Enphase Microinverter System which means that you do not need to purchase or install a bolt-on or stand-alone third-party monitoring tool. The Enphase Envoy (EMU) communications gateway plugs into any standard AC outlet and collects micro-inverter performance information over the existing power line. No additional wiring is required. By plugging the Ethernet cable of the Envoy into a broadband router, performance data is automatically transmitted to Enlighten using the site’s existing internet connection, further simplifying installation.

Visual Overview

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Enphase Enlighten System Architecture

  1. Enphase Micro-inverter system

    • Installed on the racking beneath each solar module
    • Maximizes energy harvest
  2. AC Power is sent via AC wiring to the load center

    • Performance data is also sent via the AC wiring
    • Plug and play communications
  3. Envoy Communcations Gateway

    • Plugs into any AC outlet
    • Collects information via the AC wiring
    • Transmits data through a standard ethernet router to the internet
  4. Standard Ethernet Router

    • Information collected by Enphase Envoy is then transmitted to Enlighten in 5-Minute intervals
  5. Enphase Enlighten Monitoring

    • Provides monitoring and analysis
    • Performance information can be viewed from any web browser
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