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Renewable Energy Articles

Welcome to the renewable energy section of the knowledge base. These articles are focused on the renewable energy industry, including trainings, solar electric systems, and wind power. We also offer some great information on the fundamentals of solar to hopefully answer some of the common questions we are asked.

Solar Optimizers: A Hybrid Approach

An examination of solar optimizers, a hybrid option with the benefits of both central and micro inverters.


Now What? How to Start Building your Off-Grid System

You've gathered the components for your off-grid system, now what will you do with them?


Batteries 101: Solar Battery Basics

A comparison of the different types of lead-acid batteries for solar applications and some battery best practices.


Grid Tie Solar 101

What components do I need for my home solar system? What is net metering? Learn the fundamentals of a grid-tie system here.


Off Grid Solar 101

What is an off-grid system? What will it cost? Learn the fundamentals of off-grid solar systems here.


What is a PWM Charge Controller?

The technology for solar photovoltaic battery charge controllers has advanced dramatically over the past five years. The most exciting new technology, PWM charging, has become very popular.


MPPT vs PWM charge controllers by Blue Sky, Morningstar, OutBack and Xantrex

Learn about the leading charge controller solutions from OutBack, Blue Sky, Morningstar and Xantrex.


DIY Solar Panels Using Micro Inverters?

Will DIY solar panels finally become a reality?


A Comparison of Power Inverters by OutBack, SMA, Fronius and Xantrex

Learn about the leading grid tie solar power inverter solutions from OutBack, Fronius, Xantrex and SMA.


Solar Power Modules from Sharp, BP, Sanyo, and Evergreen: a Comparison

Learn about the leading solar panels (modules) from Sharp, BP, Sanyo and Evergreen.


Sunny Side Up: Top Careers and Courses in the Solar Power Industry

Going off the grid sounds great about once a month when the power bill arrives, especially when the weather's too hot or too cold to just let a breeze regulate the temperature.


Sizing your S-5! Mounting System

How do you determine the number of clamps you need for S-5's PV Kit?