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Blue Sky Energy Charge Controllers

Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost charge controllers are used worldwide to provide power in battery based or off-grid systems. Whether the system is a security camera, portable solar power system for the military, an RV, or a boat, Solar Boost products are chosen because of their proven reliability, consistent quality and affordability. A pioneer in MPPT technology, Blue Sky's patented solution delivers up to 30% more power from your PV Modules than conventional, non-MPPT solar charge controllers. In any application, this is a significant gain in power, but it becomes especially attractive when used in large applications.


Blue Sky Energy Inc. began as RV Power Products in 1993. What began as the development of superior AC charging systems for the recreational vehicle market led them to become an innovative leader in the renewable energy industry with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controllers.

With their patented technology and the increasing popularity of Solar Boost charge controllers Blue Sky changed the direction of their company in 1998 to focus on the production of reliable, quality driven products for the solar industry. Today, their products are sold and used worldwide from applications in Antarctica to providing power for payloads for use in high altitude flying balloons. Wherever they are used, their controllers provide the most power possible from a PV array.

Blue Sky Energy Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Vista, CA.