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Unirac GFT - Ground Fixed Tilt - Ground Mount

Ground Fixed Tilt (GFT) is an engineered system of standard, light weight ground mount components that is in stock and ready to ship from North America's largest ground mount distribution network. Uniracís unmatched commercial project support makes construction easy, from permitting through installation, including region-specific engineering. GFTís refined solution, including a new shared Rail design, delivers enhanced system and labor optimization. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with SOLARMOUNT Mounting Technology and Uniracís industry-leading 25-year warranty.

Unirac's Ground Fixed Tilt (GFT) has evolved from more than 12 years of experience meeting a variety of project requirements. A synergy of steel components and aluminum parts deliver performance with the lowest system cost. Installation savings are captured through efficiently engineered components, optional pre-assembled parts and integrated bonding for optimized construction sequencing. GFT delivers engineered cost savings to meet your project needs.