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SMA Sunny Boy Inverters

Harness the energy of the sun - with a Sunny Boy inverter solution from SMA Solar. The Sunny Boy inverter models 3000 and 4000 have a compact design that makes them ideal for light commercial or residential use and the integrated DC disconnect makes installation more cost-effective. The larger 5000, 6000 and 7000 Sunny Boy inverters are suited for large residential or commercial applications.

As market leader for solar inverters SMA, is setting grid tie benchmarks again and again: leading-edge efficiencies of 98 % and new technology ensures maximum yields and the highest user convenience.

With over 500,000 units sold world wide, Sunny Boy inverters have been repeatedly acclaimed as an industry leader. Our latest generation includes several technological advances such as OptiTrac and the H5-Topology. This new technology makes the power inverter even more efficient - and therefore ensures the optimal solar yield.

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SMA Sunny Boy 7.7-US - SB-7.7-1SP-US-41 > 7700 Watt 208 / 240 Volt Single Phase Grid-Tie Inverter
Our Price: $1,975.00
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SMA Sunny Boy 7.7-US - SB-7.7-1SP-US-41 > 7700 Watt 208 / 240 Volt Single Phase Grid-Tie Inverter
7700 Watt 208 / 240 Volt
Single Phase Grid-Tie Inverter
SB7.7-1SP-US-41 - Sunny Boy 7.7-US

More about Sunny Boy Inverter Solutions

SMA America, the United States division of global solar technology giant SMA Technologie AG, is proud to report that the installed base of its wildly popular line of Sunny Boy inverters—the key component in a solar power system that turns direct-current power generated by solar panels into usable household current—has topped 750,000 units worldwide. Together, these Sunny Boy inverters are able to provide an astonishing aggregate of three billion watts (i.e., three gigawatts) of safe, usable, grid-quality power. That's enough to power nearly three-quarters of a million homes!

The reasons for the worldwide success of the Sunny Boy Inverter line are straightforward: reliability and efficiency. Ideally suited for residential and light commercial use, the newest Sunny Boy inverters are certified to the new UL 1741/IEEE 1547 standard, and lead the CEC list with the highest efficiencies, ranging from 95 to 96 percent. Their longevity is enhanced via their patented OptiCool temperature-management systems and rugged cast-aluminum, outdoor-rated enclosures. As proof of their reliability, Sunny Boy inverters are backed by a generous 10-year factory warranty.