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Energy Efficient Products

Going solar can be expensive. Here are a few very affordable ways you can improve your energy efficiency and get lower utility bills with easy fixes.

Substitute LED Lights

LED light bulbs

The easiest way to lower your utility bill is with energy efficient lighting. Traditional incandescent lights release the majority of their energy as heat which is why the bulbs become hot to the touch. While increasingly common flourescent lights are more efficient, they produce their light by exciting mercury, a poisonous vapor, with electricity and do not function well in the cold. LED lights are ultra-efficient bulbs that eliminate the heat waste of incandescents, producing bright white light at a fraction of the cost.

Though LED lights cost significantly more than other lights, they can last up to 50,000 hours (incandescents are around 2000) and cost dollars a year to run. Some LEDs can even be run for less than a dollar per year!

See our LED lights for more information and the specific bulbs that EcoDirect carries.

Add Skylights

There is no better cost than free! Skylights allow sunlight to filter into your home providing you with bright, natural lighting. They do not contribute to heat loss or gain and are easily installed on any roof type. Accessories for skylights include a dimmer to lower the light generated by the skylight and light kits so that a skylight can provide light even at night.

See our skylights for more information and the specific lights that EcoDirect carries.

Get a Solar Attic Fan

Heat can build up in your attic which heats up your entire house and results in a higher air conditioning bill. An attic fan is installed on your rooftop to ventilate your attic and prevent heat buildup.

The advantage of a solar attic fan is that there is no need to run electrical wire to it and it doesn't contribute anything to your utility cost; the solar attic fan is simply powered by the attached solar panel. Because the fan is run by the sun, it is powered when you need it most (ie. when the sun is at its hottest and brightest). This is a very clever use for solar that lessens your need for air conditioning.

See our solar attic fans for more information and the specific solar attic fans that EcoDirect carries.