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Specialty Concepts ASC-12/16-A > 16 Amp 12 Volt PWM Charge Controller > Includes Temp Compensation
Specialty Concepts 16 Amp 12 Volt PWM Charge Controller - ASC-12/16-A- Includes Temp Compensation

Our Price: $91.50
Warranty: 10 Years
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Description Datasheet

Specialty Concepts ASC 16 Amp 12 Volt PWM Charge Controller

Options: Temperature Compensation (A)
Manufacturer Part Number: ASC-12/16-A

The ASC (Automatic Sequencing Charger) has been the industry standard for more then 24 years. With a remarkably low failure rate (< .1%), and its robust and waterproof construction, it is just right for those applications that require the utmost in reliability. Available in 12 and 24 volt (6, 36, and 48 volt available on special order), with capacities from 1 to 16 amps. Available with optional temperature compensation and automatic low-voltage load disconnect. Ten year limited warranty (see warranty for details). The ASC meets the requirements for RoHS.


  • Completely encapsulated and waterproof
  • Optional internal or external temperature compensation
  • Optional 10A Load Disconnect (12, 24 volt only)
  • Available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 amp versions
  • Available in 12 volt and 24 volt (6 volt, 36 volt, and 48 volt on special order)
  • Guaranteed to fully charge a completely dead battery
  • The ASC IS UL recognized, CSA approved, and FM approved.
  • Made in America with a 10 year warranty


Model Voltages Available Currents Available Options
ASC 12 Volt 4 Amp A - Temperature Compensation
E - Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
F - Adjustability
8 Amp A - Temperature Compensation
E - Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
F - Adjustability
12 Amp A - Temperature Compensation
E - Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
F - Adjustability
16 Amp A - Temperature Compensation
E - Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
F - Adjustability
ASC 12 Volt 8 Amp A - Temperature Compensation
E - Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
F - Adjustability
16 Amp A - Temperature Compensation
E - Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
F - Adjustability

Detailed Description

The ASC photovoltaic battery charge controller is ideal for 1-4 solar panel systems. This unit offers unsurpassed protection to your batteries from overcharging.

This rugged unit holds the record for high reliability since 1981. The standard ASC is UL recognized and is FM approved for hazardous locations. The ASC is also CSA approved for Canadian markets. Contact factory for specific information.

About the Manufacturer

Specialty Concepts Inc. manufactures the most reliable line of electronics for photovoltaic systems in the world. For over 30 years, we have been producing high-quality, reliable units. Today, there are well over 1,500,000 pieces of Specialty Concepts' equipment throughout the world controlling many megawatts of PV power.

Charge Regulation

  • 12 volt units: 4,8,12,16 amps
  • 24 volt units: 8 and 16 amps
  • 6, 36 and 48 volt units available (contact factory for current ratings)
  • Switching shunt, pulse charging
  • Low switching frequency (no noise)
  • No minimum operating voltage (can charge a dead battery)
  • Remote temperature compensation (optional, not available on 6 volt)

Low Voltage Disconnect Option (LVD)

  • 10 amp LVD Relay
  • Contacts for generator start or alarm

Design Features

  • Completely encapsulated for environmental protection (suitable for outdoor mounting)
  • 100% solid state charge control
  • Reverse leakage protection -blocking diode
  • Lightning protection
  • Input noise suppression
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple (low component count) with rugged circuitry
  • 12 AWG terminal block (10 AWG stranded OK)

Monitoring & Mounting

  • Charging light
  • LVD activated light (with LVD)


A - Temperature Compensation

Temperature compensation is generally recommended for sealed batteries or where batteries are expected to experience temperature variations of more than + 10 from 25C during periods of charging. A small temperature sensor on a 10 foot lead monitors battery temperature and adjusts the charging thresholds according to battery temperature. The rate of compensation is -5mv/C per battery cell from 25C.

E - Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) / Generator Start

The ASC can be provided with an auxiliary relay. This relay can be used to protect the battery from low-voltage damage by disconnecting loads or by signaling a standby generator to start or stop battery charging. The relay is rated for 10 amps and provides the common, the normally open and the normally closed voltage free contacts. The relay consumes 30 ma when activated and is activated at 1.92 + . 03 volts/cell and deactivated at 2.17 + .03 volts/cell. A separate terminal block is provided for connection.

F - Adjustability

The ASC may be ordered with the adjustment pot available to change the charging set-points if required. Load disconnect set-points are also adjustable for units with E-option (LVD / Gen. start).


Switching Shunt Regulation

The ASC will allow maximum array current to flow into the battery through a blocking diode, lighting the "charging" light (LED), until the battery voltage reaches the charge termination set-point. At this point, a shunt transistor will turn on, shorting out the solar array, turning off the "charging" LED and halting any further battery charging. When the battery voltage drops to the charge resumption set-point, the shunt transistor will turn off and charging will resume. The result is that when battery capacity is low, charging will be continuous. As the battery charges up, current will pass into the battery for shorter and shorter periods, until at full charge, it will pulse current into the battery to achieve and maintain full charge.

For Larger Arrays

The ASC can be wired in parallel to sub-arrays. This method provides the added reliability of independent, redundant charge controls and allows for sequential charging.

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