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Renusol CS60 > Ballasted Mounting System for Flat Roofs
Renusol Ballasted Mounting System for Flat Roofs - CS60


Availability: This product has been discontinued.
Product Code: RENUSOL-CS60


Renusol Ballasted Mounting System for Flat Roofs

Manufacturer Part Number: CS60

The Renusol CS60 System consists of the Renusol CS60 base (made of HMWPE), U-profiles made of aluminium, as well as the corresponding fastening elements. All components are made of weather-resistant materials guaranteeing a long service life. Thanks to outstanding material characteristics and gentle installation, they are maintenance-free.


  • Three simple installation steps
  • Cost & planning efficient solution
  • PV-mounting without roof penetration
  • Low roof load
  • Integrated airfoil minimizes ballast
  • 1 Renusol CS60 = 1 PV Module


  1. Attach rails to module
  2. Fill base with ballast
  3. Attach rails to base


Type Ballasted flat roof mounting system
Materials 100% Recycled HMW Polyethylene & Aluminum
Tilt Angle 15 degrees
Roof Pitch Range 0 to 5 degrees
Orientation Landscape
Ballast Capacity (lbs) up to 336
Dimensions (in) up to 41.77W / 66.46L
Weight (lbs) 20
Footprint Load (psf) .90
Wind Testing Wind tunnel tested in accordance with ASCE 7-05
Max. Wind Performance Up to 150 mph without roof penetration
Ventilation Air flow through slots on top, bottom, and sides
Limited Product Warranty 10 Years

Detailed Description

The Renusol CS60 is as simple as it is effective. The modules are mounted on a base made from weather-resistant HMWPE. Depending on the building height, allowable roof load and expected wind and snow loads, the Renusol CS60 can be weighted with gravel or ballast blocks and positioned on the roof according to irradiation. The integrated airfoil design and an option for roof-anchor fastening can reduce ballast if building codes do not allow for 100% ballasted systems.

Quick, Easy and Cost-Efficient Install

  • Kit includes all mounting system parts
  • Three quick and easy installation steps
  • In stock, ready to ship


  • Fits all common size aluminum frame PV modules
  • Simple to design roof layouts 1 module = 1 Renusol CS60
  • Stackable, easy to move around and store
  • Compatible with optional roof anchors
  • More evenly spreads point load weight across roof surface

Reliable and Environmentally Sound

  • Wind tunnel tested; integrated air foil minimizes ballast
  • Impact and UV resistant highly durable HMWPE is chlorine-free and weatherproof
  • Made from 100% recycled materials


  • Wire management channels
  • No trip hazards between rows

Product and Project Support

  • Responsive customer service
  • Project-specific engineering documents
  • Expert technical support
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are roof protection mats required?

    The Renusol CS60 has no sharp edges that contact the roof. Therefore, no roof protection is required unless it is needed to increase the friction coefficient.

  • Is grounding required?

    The Renusol CS60 base is made of non-conductive material and requires no grounding. Only the two aluminum rails and solar modules need to be grounded.

  • Is anchoring required?

    Modules can be installed even in high wind zones on many roofs by adding roof anchors. The Renusol CS60 is designed to easily attach to these anchors.

  • What material can be used as ballast?

    It is recommended to use solid concrete block commonly found at local building supply companies.

  • Was wind analysis done by computer simulation or physical testing?

    The preferred method of physical testing in a wind tunnel was performed to ensure the Renusol CS60 performs well in the field.

  • Is the material UV resistant?

    The Renusol CS60 base is made of recycled HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) with UV stabilizing agents that give it excellent UV resistant characteristics.

  • How long is the warranty?

    The warranty period is 10 years with an expected lifetime of over 25 years. See "Renusol America 10-year Limited Product Warranty" for full details.

  • How many have been installed to date?

    Over 1,000,000 modules have been installed with this type of product through our parent company in Europe. The first large scale installations began in 1996.

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