Outback Power Radian > 4000W 48V 120/240 VAC Inverter/Charger with Power panel for AC Coupling

Give the peace of mind that comes with having backup power in the event of a utility outage. The Radian Series AC coupling bundles from OutBack enable existing grid-tied systems to tap into the flexibility and freedom of battery backup in the face of the evolving energy landscape.

Manufacturer Part Number: GS4048A-AC

AC Coupling Bundle Includes:

  • 4kW Radian Inverter/Charger
  • GSLC175-120/240 load center
  • MATE3s (and mounting bracket)
  • Generator Protection Kit
  • 30A Dual Pole Breaker

Detailed Description

OutBack Power has two bundles available for AC Coupling, the GS4048A-AC and GS8048A-AC. These have either the GS4048A or GS8048A Radian Inverter/Charger. The GS8048A-AC can have up to 6kW grid tie inverter capacity coupled to it, and the GS4048A-AC can have up to 3kW of grid tie inverter capacity coupled to it. More recent grid tie inverters that are listed to UL1741-SA will modulate their output with the frequency shift in the Radian inverter. The inverter frequency will also shift to limit the grid tie inverter to prevent more current than the AC Charge Current setting. Older grid tie inverters will drop off line when the frequency shifts enough, and come back on line when the battery voltage drops down. When operating off grid and the battery bank is depleted and the inverter shuts off on low battery, the system may not allow a charge from the grid tie inverter. An external charge source is needed to bring the battery voltage up so that it will AC couple again. The generator protection relay kit allows the use of a generator to run loads and recharge the battery while the grid tie inverter is disconnected so it will not back feed the generator.


AC coupling an existing system provides several advantages, including:

  • Frequency shifting for complete control of the grid-tied inverter’s output
  • Best voltage and current protection for all types of batteries
  • Best protection and control for when you need a backup generator
  • OutBack Power service and support

All Hybrid Inverter PV Systems will need rapid shutdown. The IMO BG10P34-11 remote shutdown button is an outdoor initiation switch that can be used to trigger PV system rapid shutdown.
IMO RSD Button BG10P34-11 > Rapid Shutdown Button compatible with APsmart Rapid Shutdown System

IEEE 1547-2018 requires the local communications interface to remain available whenever the DER is operating. This indirectly creates a requirement for the IQ Gateway not to reboot during and following a low voltage ride through event. The IQ Gateway hardware was redesigned to meet this requirement so installers must only choose from the list of supported hardware and be running software versions 7.3.460 or later to be fully compliant.

Specifications - GS4048A Inverter

Nominal DC Input Voltage 48 VDC
Continuous Output Power at 25 °C 4000 VA
AC Output Voltage 120/240 VAC
AC Output Frequency 60 Hz
Continuous AC Output Current at 25 °C 16.7 AAC at 240 VAC
Waveform True Sinewave
CEC Weighted Efficiency 92.5%
Total Harmonic Distortion (Typical) <5% THD, Max single voltage harmonic <2%
Output Voltage Regulation +/- 2%
Maximum Output Current (1 ms peak) 50 AAC at 240 VAC
Maximum Output Current (100 ms RMS) 35.35 AAC at 240 VAC
Overload Capability (100 ms surge) 8.5 kVA at 240 VAC
Overload Capability (5 second) 6.0 kVa
Overload Capability (30 minute) 4.5 kVa
Idle Consumption - Invert mode, no load 34 Watts
AC Input Voltage Range (Adjustable) (L1 or L2) 85 - 140 VAC
AC Input Frequency Range 54 - 66 Hz
Grid-Interactive Voltage Range (Default) L1 or L2) 106 - 132 VAC
Grid-Interactive Frequency Range (Default) (L1 or L2) 59.3 - 60.5 Hz
AC Input Current (Maximum) 50 AAC
Maximum Utility Interactive Current
15 A
Continuous Battery Charge Output
DC Input Voltage Range 40 - 64 VDC