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OutBack FLEXnet DC System Monitor - FN-DC


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OutBack FLEXnet DC Multichannel Advanced DC System Monitor

Manufacturer Part Number: FN-DC

FLEXnet DC monitors up to 3 shunts for improved battery management. Includes twisted pair wire and communications cable.

The FLEXNet DC collects, monitors and records time-based battery amp, watt and volt data for display on the OutBack MATE series of products, allowing for more accurate set point adjustments and precise battery recharging. Five LEDs on the FLEXnet DC act as a state-of-charge indicator bar for a quick status display. It also offers an auxiliary (AUX) relay that acts like a switch to turn on or off a user-installed light, alarm, or similar low voltage DC device. It can also be set up as a two-wire autogenerator starter.


Battery Status Screen

Easily see your system’s current condition with this at-a-glance display. This screen shows an easy to interpret “fuel gauge” style status bar, current state-of-charge and whether you are currently charging or discharging your batteries. This is useful for those system owners who want a way to quickly understand the current state of their battery bank.

Now Summary Screen

Monitor the amount of power your system is currently producing and consuming as well as the amount of power going IN and OUT of your battery bank. This screen also displays your battery bank’s voltage and current state-of-charge, providing you with real-time production monitoring of DC sources, such as a solar array or small wind turbine, as well as consumption by loads.

Today Summary Screen

Monitor the cumulative energy your system has produced and consumed as well as the total amount of energy that has gone to charging your batteries today. This screen also displays today’s lowest state-of-charge and allows you to see how your overall system production compares to system consumption.

History Summary Screen

Review historical energy production and consumption data for the most recent 128 days, including the minimum battery state-of-charge reached for each day. This screen can be used to watch power system production and consumption trends.

Additional Available Data

  • Total Battery Amps
  • Average Battery Amps
  • Average Battery Volts
  • DC Amp-Hours IN Per Shunt
  • DC Amp-Hours OUT Per Shunt
  • DC kWh IN Per Shunt
  • DU kWh OUT Per Shunt
  • Last Cycle Amp Hours
  • Last Cycle Watt Hours
  • Last Cycle Amp Hour Charge Factor
  • Last Cycle Watt Hour Charge Efficiency
  • Total Number of Day Full
  • Cumulative Battery Amp Hours Removed


Battery Voltage Input Range: 8.0 to 80.0 Volts DC
Battery Voltage Resolution: 0.1 Volts DC
Number of Current Channels: One to Three (each can be a Source or Load)
Current Range (Each Channel): -1000.0 Amps to +1000.0 Amps DC
Current Resolution: 0.1 Amps DC
State of Charge Display: 0 to 100% (1% increments)
Aux Relay Configuration: SPST, Magnetic Latching Relay
Aux Relay Max Rating: 5 Amps @ 30 Volts DC
Current Shunt Type (order separately): 500 Amp / 50mv
Primary Display: OutBack Power MATE or MATE2 4 x 20 LCD Secondary Display : Five LED Indicators on front of FLEXnet DC
Battery AH Capacity Range: 100 to 10,000 Amp Hours
Data Logging Memory: Most recent 128 Days
Programmable AUX Relay Settings: Battery Volts Adjustable from 8.0 to 80.0 VDC
State of Charge: Adjustable from 0 to 100%
Time Delay: Adjustable from 0 to 240 Minutes
Accuracy: 0.5% of Reading +/- 2 LSDs per channel
Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 50º C
Mounting: 3/4” Panel Mount Breaker Slot or Surface Mount
Warranty: Standard 2 year
Unit Dimensions (H x W x L): 6.60" x 3.72" x 0.74" (16.75 x 9.45 x 1.88 cm)
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs (0.907 kg)
Shipping Dimensions (H x W x L): 2.13" x 9.0" x 11.5" (5.4 x 22.86 x 29.21 cm)

Detailed Description

The FLEXNet DC works in conjunction with up to three input current shunts (either a FW-SHUNT250 or FW-SHUNT500, each rated 500A/50mV) also available from OutBack. Only a single FLEXNet DC is needed for any system using OutBack components. The FLEXnet DC is not intended to be used with the MATE2M. It is designed to work with the MATE or the MATE2.


  • One shunt is included as standard equipment with each OutBack FW500-DC and FW1000-AC enclosures.
  • The shunt(s) cannot be connected to a positive (+) ground system.

FlexNet DC

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