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Zep Solar Mounting System

Simply select kits based on the number of modules you would like to install, the orientation of the modules (spacing), and your roof type. Your first kit should be a "starter" kit, and every kit after that should be an "additional" kit. For a side-by-side comparison of kits, click the link to the right or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Kits Comparison

Product Code Finish Type Modules
Zep-MK-Start-3M Clear Starter 3
Zep-MK-Start-3M-BL Black Starter 3
Zep-MK-Add-3M Clear Additional 3
Zep-MK-Start-4M Clear Starter 4
Zep-MK-Start-4M-BL Black Starter 4
Zep-MK-Add-4M Clear Additional 4
Zep-MK-Add-4M-BL Black Additional 4
Zep-MK-Start-5M Clear Starter 5
Zep-MK-Start-5M-BL Black Starter 5
Zep-MK-Add-5M-BL Black Additional 5
Zep-MK-Start-6M clear Starter 6
Zep-MK-Start-6M-BL Black Starter 6
Zep-MK-Add-6M Clear Additional 6
Zep-MK-Add-6M-BL Black Additional 6