Generac > PWRcell Battery Enclosure for Li-Ion Battery - HSBK

Manufacturer Part Number: APKE00007

- Requires PWRcell 2.85kWh Battery Module - sold separately.
Minimum of 3 Generac A0000391219 PWRcell Battery Modules (8.6 usable kWh) needed to use inside the Generac APKE00007 PWRcell Battery Enclosure. Able to be expanded to 6 PWRcell Battery Modules in a single PWRcell Battery Enclosure (17.1 usable kWh).

Generac PWRcell: The Intelligent Solar and Storage System

PWRcell is a modular smart battery platform that allows for a range of configurations to suit any need, small or large. PWRcell can be built in capacities ranging from 8.6 - 17.1kWh. When needs change, PWRcell can be upgraded with additional modules. Use the chart above to understand what components you need for your chosen PWRcell configuration.


  • Connect as many as two 2 PWRcells to a single PWRcell Inverter for up to 34.2kWh of storage
  • Best-in-class battery backup power
  • Plug-and-play with PWRcell Inverters and PV Links
  • Time-of-use (TOU) and zero-export ready
  • Residential and commercial application ready


Model APKE00007 (HSBK)
Series PWRcell
Manufacturer Generac


Type Grid Interactive / Peak Shaving / Battery Back-up
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 45 C*
Recommended Temperature Range 13 to 30 C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 68" x 22" 10"
Weight 62.7 lbs
Shipping Method Freight