Bogart Engineering TriMetric 2030 TM-2030-A >
12/24/48 Volt Battery System Meter with Fuse

* The recommended fuse holder and 1 Amp fuse are now included.

panel mount

The TriMetric battery monitors are designed to assist in battery care, conservation, and system maintenance of battery powered systems. The TM-2030 measures volts, amps, and amp-hours and features a “battery % full” display and a “battery reminders” display.

The ™ 2030 is intended to keep you informed about 12V to 48V battery systems, such as ones found in RV’s or off grid homes—which are regularly charged and discharged and use “deep cycle” batteries. The TM2030 may also be used with the new, optional Bogart Engineering SC-2030 30 amp solar charger. These two will together allow both flexible and accurate solar charging and comprehensive monitoring of batteries.

All models are designed to monitor the following:

  • Battery % full, based on amp hour measurements for accurate information on how much battery energy is left. This method is more accurate than monitors that use only voltage to determine how full your batteries are—especially when they are between 30-90% full.
  • Battery charging or discharging amps—or watts; To check that chargers are still charging at proper amounts—also to check to see how much your loads are drawing—and to discover phantom 24 hour loads that you may not know about.
  • Battery volts (9.0 to 75): to verify that chargers are charging to correct voltage for your batteries.
  • Audible low battery alarm, based on volts and % full. May be silenced.
  • Days since charged: ; Shows how many days have elapsed since batteries were last fully charged. Batteries can lose ability to hold charge if this becomes too long.
  • Days since equalized: A reminder to equalize at appropriate time if you do manual equalizations
  • Replaced percentage of charge, compared to most recent discharge--Many battery company experts are now recommending that when recharging, 110-115% of recently withdrawn energy be replaced for wet cell Lead acid batteries—and 104-108% for AGM types. This new function makes it easy to know.
  • Good lightning protection.
  • Logged data functions: You may not need this, but a technician trying to diagnose what is wrong will find these very helpful.
  • Size: TM-2030-A: 4-1/2 x 4-3/4 panel with circuit board 7/8 (max) in. deep. (10.8 x 12 x 2.2 cm.)
  • Data for each of last five charge/discharge cycles:
    • Length of the cycle
    • How long ago it ended
    • Lowest % full reading
    • Lowest battery voltage
    • Cycle charge efficiency (percent)
  • Data for each of last five charge/discharge cycles:
    • Highest voltage that day
    • Lowest charging current
    • Total percentage overcharge for that day