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Zep Solar Mounting System

Unlike anything else on the market, the Zep System is an innovative solar mounting solution that eliminates the need for three core components of other mounting systems: rails, clamps, and grounding. Zep partners with solar panel manufacturers to create specially designed Zep System compatible PV panels. These special solar panels have a "Zep Groove" integrated into their framing, which allows the patent-pending Zep to rapidly be locked in. This interconnection also allows for grounding.

The patented Zep System enables rapid coupling and automatic grounding of solar module arrays. The Zep System (U.S. Patent #7,592,537, U.S. & Int'l Patents Pending) works with all solar modules that include a Zep Groove on the outside surface of an otherwise conventional solar module frame. The system requires no rails, making it easier to ship, warehouse and install.

The heart of the Zep System is a specialized stainless steel fastener called the Zep. This quarter-turn coupling rapidly locks into the Zep Groove, enabling a drop-in installation action for one side of each PV module. The Zep also cuts through the module frame's anodization to secure a solid ground path while simultaneously allowing for real-world factors like tolerance take-up and thermal expansion. Zep grounding technology creates a fully redundant hyper-bonded grounding matrix, making the Zep System the best solution for electrical safety. The Zep coupling is integrated into our two core components: the Interlock and the Leveling Foot.

Zep System features include

  • Dramatically reduced installation time
  • Eliminates mounting rails and clip hardware
  • Eliminates separate grounding hardware
  • Ultra reliable hyper-bonded grounding matrix
  • Rapid, top-accessible precision array leveling
  • Ultra low parts count
  • 3 parts for entire array
  • Enhanced aesthetics–low-profile, straight & level

Huge Cost Savings

Combined with the substantial PV module price reductions of 2009 & 2010, Zep technology is opening the door to unprecedented solar pricing levels.

With far less material and an incredibly rapid method of installation, the Zep System can realize savings of over $0.50 per Watt or more – that’s $2,000 in savings on a typical 4 kW system! And because the Zep System installs many times faster than conventional systems, solar installation companies can install more kWs per crew each day, allowing for better margins on labor and a significant increase in the deployment of solar energy.