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SMA Sunny Boy Storage Bundled Kit BATB-102-BY-US-10 > Includes BYD Battery-Box H10.0, Sunny Boy Storage 6.0 Inverter, SMA Storage Automatic Backup Unit
SMA Sunny Boy Storage Bundled Kit BATB-102-BY-US-10 > Includes BYD Battery-Box H10.0, Sunny Boy Storage 6.0 Inverter, SMA Storage Automatic Backup Unit

Warranty: 10 Years

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Product Code: SMA-BATB-102-BY-US-10

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SMA Sunny Boy Storage Bundled Kit > Includes BYD Battery-Box H10.0, Sunny Boy Storage 6.0 Inverter, SMA Storage Automatic Backup Unit

SMA AC Coupled Back-Up Hybrid Inverter and BYD Lithium Storage Solution: For use with SMA -40 and -41 Grid-Tie Inverters. Perfect for retrofitting existing systems in need of storage!
10.24kWh = (4) B-PLUS-H and (1) BASE-BCU
200A SMA SBS Automatic Backup Unit. Includes Wattnode Energy Meter and (2) CTs.

BYD brings a wealth of expertise and innovations to the residential ESS market as the world's largest EV producer. The BYD Battery Box is already set up to operate with the SMA Sunny Boy Storage. The H10.0 Battery has plenty of power to bring to your next install, thanks to its versatile and compact nature and cable-free architecture. This battery stack comprises four 2.5kWH modules, totaling 10.24 available kWh and a peak power output of 14.34KW for a 10-second cycle. The pack's nominal voltage is 409 VDC, with an operating range of 320-451 VDC.

Indoor and outdoor rated, with CANBUS protocol communications to SMA Sunny Boy Storage inverters.

Certified to UL1642, UL1973, and UN38.3 for a 10-year warranty.

SMA SBS Sunny Boy Storage 6.0-US-10 > 6000 Watt 208 / 240 Volt Single Phase Grid-Tie Battery Storage Inverter - Integrated DC Disconnect


Model BATB-102-BY-US-10
Series Sunny Boy Storage (SBS)
Manufacturer SMA and BYD Batteries


Type Central Grid-Tie Battery Storage Inverter
Operating Temperature Range -25 C to +60 C
Enclosure NEMA 3R
Cooling Convection
Dimensions (W x H x D) 21.1" x 28.5" x 7.8"
Weight 57 lbs
Shipping Method Freight

Battery DC Input

Max. DC voltage 600 V
DC voltage range/ DC rated voltage 100 V - 550 V / 360 V
Min. DC voltage / start DC voltage 100 V / 100 V
Max. DC current power input / # of inputs 10 A / 3
Max. short-circuit current per input 40 A
Compatible battery type Li-Ion

Secure Power Supply

Maximum output power 2000 W
Maximum output current 16 A
Nominal AC voltage 120 V

Output (AC Connection)

AC nominal power 6000 W
Backup overload @ 25 C for 1 minute 7680 W
Nominal AC voltage / adjustable 240 V / 211 - 264 V
Rated power frequency / rated grid voltage 60 Hz / 240 V
AC grid frequency / range 60 Hz / 50 Hz
Adjustable displacement power factor 0.8 overexcited - 0.8 underexcited
Output phases / line connections 1 / 2
Harmonics < 4 %


The Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter has been precisely engineered to serve as the intelligent interface between PV, the electrical grid and industry-leading high-voltage batteries. Its AC coupled architecture enables installation at any point in time, providing greater flexibility and giving installers the opportunity to generate new business with existing customers. Along with its ability to address the large retrofit market of existing PV systems, it also delivers the most cost-effective, versatile and innovative residential storage solution available. Additionally, up to 2000 W of convenience power can now be achieved in the event of a grid outage during both day and night thanks to its Secure Power Supply feature. Full backup functionality will also be available with a backup unit from 3rd party vendors.

  • AC coupled for new PV systems or retrofitting existing systems
  • Compatible with many leading high-voltage batteries
  • Simple & Flexible
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Multiple configuration options with the ability to expand
  • Innovative
  • High level of system integration provides unmatched monitoring and control
  • Three separate DC inputs allow for maximum power and energy capacity
  • Cost-Effective
  • Includes energy management functions for many different applications

SMA Sunny Boy SBS-ABU-200-US-10 > Storage Automatic Backup Unit, 120/240VAC - 200A

For use with Sunny Boy-Storage Inverters, SMA Sunny Boy Storage 3.8-US-10 and SMA Sunny Boy Storage 6.0-US-10.

Model SBS-ABU-200-US-10
Series SBS (Sunny Boy Storage)
Manufacturer SMA

Connection to utility grid and household distribution

Rated grid voltage 240 V
Output nom. voltage of line conductor 240 V / 120 V
Rated grid frequency 60 Hz
Maximum input and output current 200 A
Continuous unbalanced current in backup mode at 120 V 41.6 A
Maximum overload capability* 7700 W

Connection of PV inverters and battery inverters

Maximum overcurrent protection for PV inverter 50 A
Maximum overcurrent protection for battery inverter 50 A

General Data

Dimensions 19" W x 27.56" H x 9.84" D
Weight 133 lbs
Operating temperature range -25 C to 55 C (-13 F to 131 F)
Maximum ambient temperature (without derating) 45 C (113 F)
Enclosure type rating in accordance with UL 50E 3R
Protection class 1
Grid configuration 240 V : 120 V split-phase system
Cooling method Convection
Shipping Method Freight


Overcurrent protection for inverters included Standard Feature
Energy meter and current transformers included Optional Feature
Blackstart capable Standard Feature
Communication protocols to SBS-US CAN bus
Certificates and approvals UL 1741

Detailed Information

The new SMA Automatic Backup Unit is an automatic transfer switch designed specifically for use with the SMA Sunny Boy Storage inverter family. In the event of a grid failure, the automatic transfer switch disconnects the PV system, loads and the Sunny Boy Storage from the utility grid and creates a battery-backup grid. The included Backup Unit Controller coordinates grid disconnection and reconnection to ensure minimal downtime while also allowing for up to 5 kVA of unbalanced loads.

When paired with SMA Sunny Boy inverters, the Sunny Boy Storage curtails PV power production to match load in the event the battery is full to maximize use of solar production. The Automatic Backup Unit can be installed in a wide variety of installation types which makes for a versatile tool.

Product Features


  • Suitable for many use cases including whole house backup or connected to a protected loads panel
  • Allows for direct connection of PV and Sunny Boy Storage inverters


  • 200 Amp rated bus allows for large panels to be connected to it
  • Up to 5 kVA of unbalanced load
  • Outdoor rated for harsh environments

Simple Installation

  • Pre-wired and tested to make for easy commissioning
  • Plug-n-play installation with Sunny Boy Storage inverter
  • Easy setup and commissioning via Sunny Boy Storage webUI


  • AC coupled architecture allows for new PV or retrofit installation
  • Up to three high-voltage batteries can be connected in a single SMA residential storage solution

BYD > 10.24 kWh Lithium Iron Battery Box

The battery for all applications - in direct High Voltage

Model Battery-Box H10.0
Series Battery-Box HV
Manufacturer BYD


Type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 23.22" x 13.78" x 48.42"
Weight 377 lbs
Shipping Method Freight
Nominal Voltage 409 V

Detailed Information

The battery for all applications - in direct High Voltage


  • 204V to use as high-voltage battery
  • Emergency-backup through high power
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to real series connection
  • Lithium iron phosphate Battery: Maximum security, cycle-stability and power
  • Patented wireless plug-in design
  • 1 and 3 phase systems

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