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Cost-Effective Off-Grid Power

Californiaís highways are lined with solar call boxes. A remote power system is any system where going off-grid is more cost-effective than using grid power, from these boxes to off-grid cabins.

Thereís a good chance that you see remote power systems every day, especially if you live in a sunny state like California. From sun-powered call boxes to lights with solar panels on top to store energy during the day so they can shine at night, simple solar systems are everywhere, and we donít even notice unless we are looking for it.

Small Remote Power Applications

Want to line your highway with a series of electronic devices to call help with the push of a button? Some of the places you want to install them will be near grid power and easily integrated, but the majority of those devices will be in the middle of nowhere.

Off-grid solar has found its niche in small remote projects like these, where adding solar panels and a battery is significantly more cost-effective than running grid power to a location where previously there was none.

EcoDirect offers small solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, and other necessary hardware for these applications. In concert with our engineers, we can even help you pick the best components for your projectís requirements.

Off-Grid Homes and Cabins

Off-grid solar can be more cost effective in the case of remote cabins and homes without existing utility power, too. Because there are only a handful of potential customers in these remote places, utility companies do not view adding onto the grid to support these small communities to be a good investment and instead pass off the hefty cost of adding grid power to the would-be customer. Naturally, many people in this situation opt for energy independence and off-grid power.

EcoDirect is happy to help you size your off-grid home system, from calculating how many panels youíll need to sizing your battery bank to selecting the right components for your specific project.