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PowerFilm R7 > 7 Watt 15 Volt Rollable Solar Charger

PowerFilm 7W 15.4V Rollable Solar Charger - R7

Warranty: 3 Years

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Product Code: POWERFILM-R7


PowerFilm 7 Watt 15.4 Volt Rollable Solar Charger

Charges: Small Devices
Unrolled Dimensions: 14.5" x 23"
Manufacturer Part Number: R7

A perfect solar charger for small electronics such as iPods, cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, and direct charging of 12V batteries, the R7 Rollable Solar Charger provides the ideal solution for everyday charging uses requiring smaller power needs. Includes an extension cord and car lighter adapter (RA-2).

The R7 Rollable Solar Charger produces 7 Watts of power at an operating voltage of 15.4 volts.


Built with the same standards as PowerFilm's full line of solar chargers, the R7 Rollable Solar Charger offers the following benefits:

  • "Turns on" sooner and "turns off" later
  • Resists point damage
  • Provides versatility in a lightweight, compact, waterproof power source
  • Lasts longer thanks to UV resistance
  • Performs well in diverse conditions, including hot, cold, and cloudy environments

Detailed Description:

PowerFilm integrated solar panels (thin film on plastic) are developed and manufactured with a proprietary roll process and they are truly rollable unlike other thin film technologies that are only somewhat flexible. PowerFilm solar panels are all monolithically integrated which eliminates the need for damage-prone manual connections of individual solar cells. PowerFilm is made of silicon, a natural resource in abundant supply. PowerFilm is Cadmium Free, unlike some other solar technologies, and performs well in diverse environments, including hot sun, and does not suffer from wasted over-voltage.

Built with the same solar technology that goes into every PowerFilm solar module, the Rollable Solar Charger line is extremely durable, lightweight, and easily integrated to provide power for a number of charging applications.

  • Performs even in low light PowerFilm Solar chargers have been designed to absorb light even during low light conditions. The panel is able to charge for more hours per day than competing technologies
  • Waterproof A perfect solar solution for wet and water-logged environments, PowerFilm Rollable Solar Chargers are fully waterproof and constructed with marine grade connectors to provide a portable solar solution for marine environments
  • Extreme durability PowerFilm Rollable Solar Chargers resist point damage extremely well, resulting in a charger that still functions, with minimal loss of output, even after being subjected to puncturing (note: puncturing will affect the ability of the solar panel to repel water)

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