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Outback Power EnergyCell Nano-Carbon 2000NC > 1720 Amp Hour 48 Volt VLRA-AGM High Capacity Battery

Outback Power EnergyCell Nano-Carbon 2000NC > 1720 Amp Hour 48 Volt VLRA-AGM High Capacity Battery


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Outback Power EnergyCell Nano-Carbon High Capacity Battery > 1720 Amp Hour 48 Volt VLRA-AGM

Manufacturer Part Number: EnergyCell 2000NC

The EnergyCell Nano-Carbon High Capacity battery line provides an ideal solution for solving a common issue faced in many grid-interactive and off-grid installations: under charging of standard deep-cycle batteries when an unstable grid or limited sun hours are present, resulting in reduced performance, battery life and costly battery replacements.

Nano-Carbon technology is an enhanced and optimized negative active material formulation which makes it more than just a carbon additive. The high surface area carbon is specially formulated to improve the negative active material in lead-acid batteries, increasing conductivity and capacitance. Nano-Carbon improves charge efficiency and allows PSoC operation with improved deep discharge recovery.

The included pre-assembled steel racking system allows for ease of installation with a small footprint and front access to all cell connections.


  • Nano-Carbon technology allows for PSoC operation when limited sun hours or unstable grid are present
  • Up to 44% improved cycle life and deep discharge recovery in PSoC operation
  • Ideal for large residential and commercial self-consumption applications
  • Safe, maintenance-free valve regulated sealed Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology
  • 3 year full replacement warranty


EnergyCell 2000NC
Nominal Voltage Per Cell 2V
Nominal Voltage Per System 48 VDC
Rated Capacity (20 Hour Rate) 1720.0 AH
Cycle Life (50% DOD, 1.75VPC) 2000
Absorb Voltage (25C) 57.6 VDC
Absorb Time 2 hours
Float Voltage (25C) 54.4 VDC
Float Time = absorb time
Equalize Voltage 2.32 VDC
Re-Bulk Voltage 24 VDC / 48 VDC
Re-Float Voltage 12.5 VDC / 25 VDC / 50 VDC
Maximum Charge Current (Per Battery) 744 A
Operating Temperature Range
(w/temperature compensation
-40 to 140F (-40 to 60C)
Optimal Operating Temperature Range 67 to 87F (19.5 to 30.5C)
Temp-Comp Factor (Charging) -2 mV/cell/F above 77F, +2 mV/cell/F below 77F
Self-Discharge Time 12 months @ 25C
Hardware Specification (Intercell Connects) Threaded copper alloy insert terminal to accept M6-25 bolt
Terminal Hardware Initial Torque 110in-lbs (12.4Nm)
Weight 5365 lbs / 2434 kg
48V System Dimensions H x D x W 77.28" x 26.38" x 28.25"
Warranty 3 years
48V Standard System Configuration 4w x 6h

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