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Off-Grid Solar Inquiry

1. Where are you going to install solar?

2. How can we contact you?

3. Tell us more about your project

Electrical Load - these are the appliances you will be running. IE: Refrigerator, lights, well pump. We need the watts/ amps volts to be able to size the system for you.
Click Here to calculate your daily load (downloadable worksheet).
Please let us know if you have a system voltage preference, ie: 12V, 24V or 48V
System Usage
The term days of autonomy means the number of days a battery bank can provide the appliances you have connected to the system without a recharged by the solar panels.
The system’s location is important to determine how the number of “no sun days” which is an important variable to figure out the autonomy. The general rule for days of autonomy is 2 to 3 days for non-critical loads and 5 to 7 days for critical loads.