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KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit - Classroom Pack
KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit - Classroom Pack

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KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit

Discover advanced concepts of wind turbine technology! Young scientists can explore gearboxes, and airfoils, (and advanced generator design with the GENPack add-on). They can also construct blades to generate electricity, lift weights, and pump water. This kit is perfect for grades 7-12 and is all inclusive. You will need your own wind source, basic tools, and imagination!

The classroom pack option includes three turbines, extra hubs, blade consumables, and power output devices (for approximately 24 students).

Height 24 in.
Maximum blade diameter 36 in. (with provided materials)
Maximum number of blades 12
Expected power output 0-2 Watts
Number of different nacelles 3
Can it power the water pump? Yes, and the pump is included
How much table or floor space is needed? 18 in. diameter circle
Can this be used for electrical AND mechanical experiments? Yes

Project Ideas

  • Design turbine blades
  • Generate electricity
  • Measure power output
  • Lift weights
  • Drag race cars with weights
  • Pump water
  • Charge capacitors
  • Explore gear ratios
  • Build generators (only w/ GenPack add-on)
  • Produce more power than the basic kit
  • Light LEDs
  • Explore torque vs. speed
  • Compare airfoils and flat blades


  • Understanding clean energy
  • Exploring energy transformations
  • Exploring the relationship between energy and forces
  • Developing and using physical models
  • Understanding differences between energy and power
  • Collecting data with advanced tools
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Using mathematics to explain and understand data
  • Designing controlled experiments
  • Optimizing designs
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does it take to set up the kit?

    Initially it will take about 30 minutes to set up the kit. Once it's assembled, it takes 2-3 minutes to disassemble and reassemble. It may take about 15 minutes to set the kit up for activities such as blade design, water pumping, and weightlifting.

  • Can I reuse this kit?

    You can use the kit over and over, year after year. The turbine can be disassembled and stored in its box. At some point you may need more blade consumables, but that should be all you need.

  • How is the Advanced Wind Experiment Kit different from the Basic Wind Experiment Kit?

    The Advanced Wind Experiment Kit is designed for 7-12 year olds and allows for more experimental variables such as gears, different generators, and advanced blades. This turbine will also produce more power than the basic kit, primarily due to its gearbox.

  • Does the Advanced Wind Experiment Kit come with a GenPack?

    No it does not. The GenPack is an add–on accessory.

  • What can I use for a wind source?

    The best wind source is a simple box or floor fan. There are many different kinds, ranging from $15 to $80. Typically, more expensive box or floor fans will provide higher wind speed settings. Hair dryers are NOT recommended because they will not produce enough wind speed, and their diameters are not wide enough. You can also take the turbine outside and see how it reacts to “real” wind! You may need to attach a vane to your turbine so it yaws, or tracks the wind.

  • I am doing a science fair project. If I purchase this kit, what else will I need?

    You will need wind, basic tools to cut blades (such as scissors or a craft knife), glue or duct tape (we love duct tape), imagination and curiosity!

  • How many blades can fit on the wind turbine?

    The turbine hub can hold 12 blades at one time.

  • How tall is the tower?

    It is 2 feet from the top of the turbine (the nacelle) to the ground.

  • Why is there a water pump in the kit?

    Instead of seeing how much power you can make using a multimeter, do the same thing but see how much water you can pump up a graduated cylinder or from container to container. This is much more fun and more conceptual.

  • What can I use to make blades?

    The kit comes with balsa wood and coroplast, a plastic kind of cardboard. But you can use anything stiff and light to make blades. Examples include styrofoam trays, index cards, manila folders, old science fair project boards, and pizza boxes. You name it, we have seen it made into turbine blades. CAUTION: DO NOT USE METAL TO MAKE BLADES. This is very dangerous because blades can accidentally detach during tests.

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