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KidWind 12.0 Volt Solar Panel with Alligator Clips
KidWind 12.0 Volt Solar Panel

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Product Code: KIDWIND-C0036-01


KidWind 12.0 Volt Solar Panel with Alligator Clips

The powerful 12 V/500mA (6 Watt) solar panel is great for classroom experiments and basic applications that require more power. The aluminum frame glass laminated solar module allows for more robust solar experiments. Suitable for long term outdoor use, this panel can function as a power source for many devices. You can quickly connect electrical devices and circuits with large clamps on 20-inch wire. This panel is PET laminated, so it will still work under rainy conditions.

Please note: The 12 V panel is not recommended for use with any of KidWind's small load devices, such as: wind turbine generator, water pump, visual voltmeter, ultra capacitors, sound and light board, or LED bulbs. When applying power to an electrical device, be sure to verify the max power input because you may damage the device.

Panel Dimensions 185 mm x 285 mm

You Can:

  • Build a solar fan with a solar panel, solar motor, and a propellor rotor.
  • Compare the efficiency of a solar panel over time without changing the angle of the panel. Set up a monitoring station with a multimeter and solar panel. Check on power output throughout the day at least once per hour.


  • Understanding clean energy; discovering and discussing solar power as an energy source
  • Exploring circuits, electricity, and magnetism
  • Designing controlled experiments
  • Analyzing data
  • Understanding differences between energy and power
  • Learning about weather and climate
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much power does the solar panel store?

    Solar panels do not store power. To store power produced by the solar panel, use a storage unit such as a super capacitor, or check out our battery charging kit.

  • Will the voltage and amperage be consistent?

    Output values of voltage and current can vary with the electrical load placed on the panel and amount of available sunshine.

  • Q Can I use this panel to start or charge my car battery?

    This panel is rated about the same output as many solar car battery chargers; however, we have not tested this, and we advise against it.

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