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HomeGrid 19.2kWh Integrated Series > Pre-Wired Battery Solution with Sol-Ark 12KW All-In-One Hybrid Inverter - 4 Battery Modules - ESS System
HomeGrid 19.2kWh Integrated Series > Pre-Wired Battery Solution with Sol-Ark 12KW All-In-One Hybrid Inverter - 4 Battery Modules - ESS System
Image shown: HomeGrid Integrated Series 14.4kWh
(stack of 3 battery modules)

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Warranty: 10 Years

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HomeGrid > 19.2kWh Integrated Series, Pre-Wired Battery Solution with Sol-Ark 12KW All-In-One Hybrid Inverter - 4 Battery Modules - ESS System

Save time and money by integrating your inverter and storage system.
A home battery will save you money, provide independence from the grid, and allows for sustainable energy use.

Most solar will not work in a power outage. Fire codes dictate that there can’t be electricity going back to the grid in an emergency. When you install a battery, you enable your solar to keep working when the power goes out. Contact us today to find a solution that fits your needs.

Typically, only 1/3 of your electrical usage is during high solar production hours. A home battery lets you store your electricity from the sun or other renewables for later use, allowing you to offset much more of your electricity usage. See HomeGrid's Sizing Tool to find the right option for you.

HomeGrid Integrated Series: Pre-Wired Battery Solution
The HomeGrid Integrated Series offers pre-wired solution, with superior ease-of-install, aesthetics, and performance that is unmatched in residential batteries. Each Integrated Series system is especially suitable for applications of high power, limited installation space, and restricted load-bearing and long cycle life.

The Integrated Series has a built-in BMS battery management system, which can manage and monitor cell’s information including voltage, current and temperature. What’s more, the BMS can help extend the cycle life by balancing cells during charging and discharging.

Multiple battery stacks are allowed to be connected in parallel to expand capacity and power to meet the requirements of longer power supporting duration and higher power consumption.

Note: Some jurisdictions may require outside installation of battery systems. Check your local jurisdiction before installation.

Model Integrated Series 19.2kWh (stack of 4 battery modules)
Number of Battery Modules 4
Series Integrated Series
Manufacturer HomeGrid Energy

All Hybrid Inverter PV Systems will need rapid shutdown. The IMO BG10P34-11 remote shutdown button is an outdoor initiation switch that can be used to trigger PV system rapid shutdown.
IMO RSD Button BG10P34-11 > Rapid Shutdown Button compatible with APsmart Rapid Shutdown System

IEEE 1547-2018 requires the local communications interface to remain available whenever the DER is operating. This indirectly creates a requirement for the IQ Gateway not to reboot during and following a low voltage ride through event. The IQ Gateway hardware was redesigned to meet this requirement so installers must only choose from the list of supported hardware and be running software versions 7.3.460 or later to be fully compliant.


Type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 29" W x 15.75" D x 78.75" H
Weight 540 lbs
Total Battery Energy 19.2 kWh
Continuous Battery Power Output 9 kW
Continuous Inverter Power Output 9 kW
Peak Inverter Power Output 16 kW
Max PV Input Power 13 kW
Battery Capacity 500 Ah
Nominal Voltage 48 V
Enclosure Rating NEMA 5 (Indoor Rating)
Lifecycles Tested 8000
Mounting Options Floor Standing
Certificates UL 1642, UL 1973
Warranty 10 years, 4000 Cycles
Scalability 10 Units in parallel with 8 battery modules each (384 kWh)
Shipping Method Freight


  • High Capacity 38.4kWh
    One unit can stack 8 battery modules high.
  • 10 year Warranty
    20 year serviceable
  • Modular Design
    Each module has a capacity of 4.8kWh, with each Stack supporting 2-8 modules.
  • High Power 14.4kW
    Whole home backup
  • Sol-Ark Communications
    Real time tracking of PV, Battery, Grid, Load, and Generator
  • Safe for Home & Environment
    Cobalt Free, low voltage UL 1642, UL 1973, UN 38.3

Sol-Ark 12K > 12kW 48 Volt All-In-One Solar Generator - Inverter

Sol-Ark 12K All-In-One Solar Generator System

Parallel Stacking (1-9), Grid Sell, Meter Zero, Time of Use, Smart Load, Peak Shaving, 20kW Peak Power, 9.6kW AC Coupling

  • DC Transformerless:
    Boosts PV energy 10-20% without increasing PV array size and reduces storage inverter costs up to 30%
  • Battery Efficiency:
    Improve battery efficiency by 10-15%; Partial Charge Carbon AGM’s round trip efficiency is 98% vs. wet cell 80%
  • Easy to Install:
    Sol-Ark 12K’s All-In-One design cuts install time in half. With 2x MPPTs, and 9kW continuous / 20kW peak inverter, a user friendly wiring area, and remote monitoring built in.
  • U.P.S.:
    Sol-Ark 12K acts as a massive uninterruptible power supply with a lightning fast 4ms transfer time.

Approved for: UL 1741 SA Rule 21, HECO, & Canada PREPA Approved for Puerto Rico 120/240 & 208V

Sol-Ark 12k Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number: 12K aka 12k-2P-N aka Sol-Ark-12k-P

Max allowed PV DC Capacity 6,500W+6,500W = 13,000W
Max PV power delivered to Battery & AC outputs 12,000 Watts
Max DC voltage 500V@18A, 450V@20A
MPPT voltage range 150-425V
MPPT Starting Voltage 125V
Number of MPPT 2
Max Solar Strings Per MPPT 2
Nominal AC Output Voltage 120/240/208V split phase
Peak Inverter Efficiency 96.5% (Peak 97.5%)
Continuous AC power to Grid (On Grid) 9000W 37.5A L-L (255 V)
4800W 40A L-N (120V)
Continuous AC power to Loads (Off-Grid) 8000W 33A L-L (240V )
4800W 40A L-N (120V)
Battery Type Lead-Acid or Li-Ion
Nominal DC Input 48V
Capacity 50 – 9900Ah
Grid to Battery Charging Efficiency 96.0%
Dimensions (H x W x D) 30.0” x 18.3” x 10.00”
Weight 78 lbs

Product Features

  • Next Generation Efficiency
    3X Better! Only 3.5% losses vs. 14% in today’s battery based systems
  • Split Phase & Three Phase
    Sol-Ark’s 12K pumps out power just like the grid, allowing you to power 120V/ 240V/208V appliances
  • Grid-Tied, Hybrid, Off-Grid
    Manages power from Solar, Battery, Grid, Load, and Generator simultaneously
  • Flexible
    Sol-Ark is expandable from 5 to 52 (16.5 kW) solar panels and 0-32 batteries. Per 12K unit.
  • 10-Year Standard Warranty
    No need for additional warranties. The 12K comes standard 10-year warranty right out of the box.

Helpful Hint with Sol-Ark hybrid inverters: Unlike most string inverters - Sol-Ark hrybid inverter solution will not have a complete power loss for a series string of modules if one of the panels goes bad (stops producing) *** so as long the total voltage of the remaining panel meets or exceeds the min mppt voltage range of 150VDC.

IMO RSD Button BG10P34-11 > Rapid Shutdown Button compatible with APsmart Rapid Shutdown System
Our Price: $55.00

IMO RSD Button BG10P34-11 > Rapid Shutdown Button compatible with APsmart Rapid Shutdown System

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