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Hawker Batteries - Envirolink

The Environmental Choice for Power

Environmentally-safe, technologically advanced, sealed power. All characteristics of one battery. The ENVIROLINK™ valve-regulated leadacid (VRLA) battery by HAWKER.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-SAFE: Leakproof, spillproof, safe. The ENVIROLINK™ battery is sealed; therefore you never need to worry about acid spills. ENVIROLINK™ is also safe for employees due to no excessive gassing during the charge cycle.
  • NO WATERING: Since ENVIROLINK™ is a sealed battery, no water will ever need to be added, not for the lifetime of the battery. No watering. No room for over/underwatering error.
  • REDUCED EXPENSES: The ENVIROLINK™ battery never needs to be watered, so watering costs are eliminated. ENVIROLINK™ also emits almost no hydrogen, thereby eliminating the need for special ventilation. ENVIROLINK™ allows you to charge at the point of use.