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Go Green with Solar

There is nothing more beautiful than a sleek flush mounted system on your roof telling people that you are doing your part for the next generation.

In the past few years, the cost of solar has shot down drastically. What was once an option that could only be justified in terms of environmental impact is now a smart investment. Once your solar system is installed, that monthly feeling of dread when the utility bill arrives will be gone. Return on investment (ROI) is reduced even further by government subsidies and tax credits.

Stylish, fiscally smart, and environmentally friendly: fill out a solar inquiry to get started today!

EcoDirect Simplifies Solar

Starting with a free solar consultation, EcoDirect will hold your hand through the entire process of going solar, from analyzing your home’s solar potential to sizing a system to meet your specific requirements to finding the right installer for your system. Through our partners, EcoDirect can even help you when it comes time to finance your system.

Want to get started now? Fill out our Solar Inquiry form in the box to the right and EcoDirect will contact you to discuss your project goals or learn more through one of the links above.

Or, are you looking for an even simpler approach? Get started with our pre-sized Home Solar Kits! These turnkey systems have been designed by experienced solar engineers for roofs like yours, so you know that all components are compatible and sized correctly.


The first step of going solar is a Home Evaluation. Factors including available roof space, shading from trees and chimneys, and roof direction all affect the effectiveness of solar and, in some cases, can impede solar installation entirely. To ensure your home is a good fit for solar and avoid issues down the line, we perform a remote site evaluation on your home before sizing anything.


The final step of adding residential solar to your home is finding someone to install it, but where to start? EcoDirect can help you pick the right local installer for your system if you are local to California.