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Fronius Datalogger Easy Box - 4,240,103


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Fronius Datalogger Easy Box

Manufacturer Part Number: 4,240,103

A data monitoring component that provides data storage and PC Interface. Works in tandem with COM Cards within the DATCOM System to provide real-time and archived data and enable the use of PC based monitoring and free web-hosted data access. For a single inverter.

Configuration Information

The simplest datalogging configuration for the Fronius IG inverter uses one (1) COM card, one (1) Datalogger Easy box, one (1) RS 485 / CAT 5 network cable (not supplied), two Termination plugs (supplied) and one null modem cable (not supplied).

The Com card plugs into the IG inverter, the CAT 5 cable is used to connect the COM card to the Datalogger Easy box, the Null modem cable connects the Datalogger Easy box to the computer. The Datalogger Easy box receives its power from the COM card via the CAT 5 cable (a separate power supply is not required).

Note: the Datalogger Easy box does a power supply port that can be used for bench testing the unit without the need for a IG inverter and COM card.

Both the CAT 5 cable and the Null modem cable are not supplied with the system because these cables are standard items available off-the-shelf at any store carrying computer supplies.

One Datalogger Box is required per DatCom system. The Datalogger coordinates data traffic and ensures that even large quantities of data are obtained and distributed flawlessly. It also stores the data collected from all FRONIUS IG inverters and any sensors in your weather station. Connection to a PC or an external modem allows you to monitor your PV system from anywhere in the world.

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