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Fortress Power Avalon HV Pro ESS 11.4kW 14.7kWh > 14.7kWh Home Battery, 11.4kW Inverter, Smart Energy Panel
Fortress Power Avalon HV Pro ESS 11.4kW 14.7kWh > 14.7kWh Storage, 11.4kW Inverter, Smart Energy Panel

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Warranty: Inverter: 10 Years | Battery: 15 year product warranty & guarantee up-to 8000 cycles, whichever comes first.

Product Code: FORTRESS-AVALON-11_4KW-14_7KWH

Description Datasheet

Fortress Power Avalon > 14.7kWh Storage, 11.4kW Hybrid Inverter, Smart Energy Panel w/ integrated 200A transfer switch | 3 Batteries, 1 Inverter

Manufacturer Part Name: Fortress Power Avalon HV Pro ESS 11.4kW 14.7kWh

Smart Whole-Home Backup Energy Storage Solution

Protect your family from power outages, gain energy independence by living off-grid, earn money with Demand Response programs. With Fortress Power's Avalon, you can take control of your energy.

With built-in Generator Ports, EV Charging and rapid shutdown capabilities, the Avalon is ready to take on your Solar + Energy Storage needs. Using your smartphone, you can control your energy from anywhere, and have peace of mind during a power outage.

The Future of Home Energy

Avalon redefines home energy, offering a system thats not just advanced, but also intuitive and adaptable to your needs. It represents a significant shift towards energy autonomy, where control, efficiency, and safety are paramount. Are you ready to embrace the future of home energy? The Avalon is the answer.


Avalon HV Pro ESS system
Hybrid inverter 11.4kW 1
Battery module 3
Smart Energy Panel 1

Product Features

The Avalon is the newest innovation from Fortress Power. The system combines a hybrid inverter, high-voltage battery, and a smart energy panel. The Avalon is truly an all-in-one, wholehome backup system.

  • One smart, user-friendly App for the entire energy storage system
  • Indoor / outdoor installation
  • Storage capacity is scalable up to 176.4 kWh
  • Stackable, ultra-thin space-saving design allows for easy installation and logistics
  • 4 MPPTs for maximum efficiency (max 18.24 kW PV array)
  • AC or DC Coupled with 200A pass-through & grid transfer switch
  • Smart load management to control up to 12 circuits (HVAC, pump, water heater, etc.)
  • Integrated module level rapid shutdown transmitter

Avalon Hybrid Inverter

  • 11.4kW inverter
  • 4 MPPTs for maximum efficiency (max 18.24 kW PV array)
  • AC or DC coupled for flexible design and retrofitting
  • Integrated module level rapid shutdown transmitter
DC Input (PV)
max. input voltage 600 V
rated voltage 380 V
start-up voltage 80 V
MPPT voltage range 80 - 520 V A
max. input current per string 16 A
max. short circuit current per string 25.6 A
Number of MPPTs/number of strings per MPPT 4/1
AC Output
rated output power 11.4 kW
max. apparent output power (grid) 11.4 kVa
max. apparent output power (off -grid) 18.2 kVa, 10 sec
back-up switch time <10 ms
rated output voltage (L1-L2) 240 V
rated output voltage (L1/L2-N) 120 V
AC output voltage range 211 - 264 V
rated frequency 60 Hz
frequency range 55 - 65 Hz
rated output current 47.5 A
max. output current (grid) 47.5 A
max. output overcurrent, 10 sec (off -grid) 76 A
max. allowance phase configurations 100 %
backup support configurations whole-home and dedicated loads
power factor >0.99 (0.8 leading - 0.8n lagging)
THD <3%
AC Input (Grid)
input voltage range 211 - 264 V
frequency range 58.8 - 61.2 Hz
PV max. efficiency 97.6%
PV CEC efficiency 97.2%
battery charged by PV max. efficiency 98.5%
battery charged/discharged to AC max. efficiency 97.0%
ground fault detection yes
residual (leakage) current detection yes
integrated AFCI (DC arc-fault circuit protection) yes
DC reverse-polarity protection yes (PV only)
rapid shutdown NEC 2017 integrated sunspec-certified transmi er
RSD receiver APSmart or Tigo
manual inverter bypass switch yes
Energy Storage
battery voltage range 120-315 V
maximum charge/discharge current 50 A
battery communication CAN/RS485
General Data
dimensions (W*H*D) 21.87" x 34.88" x 8.62"
(555.5 x 866 x 219mm)
weight 89.59 lbs
(40.64 kgs)
mounting wall mount
topology transformerless
operation temperature range -13F to 140F
(-25C to 60C)
ingress protection TYPE 4X (IP66)
noise emission fan-less, <30 dB(A)
cooling method 9,843 ft (3000m)
compliance UL 1741, UL 1741 SA, UL 1741 SB, UL9540, IEEE 1547-2018, IEEE 1547.1-2020, UL 1699B, UL 1998, California Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H, NEC 690.12-2020, CAN/CSA C22.2107.1-1, FCC Part 15 Class B
generator support yes
limited warranty 10 years
Inverter Features
DC connection 1 in. knockouts for conduit (x2) on the side and bo om; Spring clamp terminals
AC connection 1.5 in. (or 1.25 in. with reducer) knockouts for conduit (x3) on the side and bo om; Spring clamp terminals
interface Fortress App
communication RS485, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Optional: LAN

Avalon Smart Energy Panel

The Fortress Power Avalon Smart Energy Panel is the easiest and least expensive way to backup a whole home.

  • No separate critical load panel needed, or add more circuits in critical load panel with load management. The Avalon Smart Energy Panel intelligently manages large loads in the house to stop the inverter from tripping o .
  • No automatic transfer switch (ATS) needed. Safely connect and operate a gas generator without the need for a separate transfer switch.
  • No separate AC combiner box needed. AC couple an existing PV installation or add an EV charger directly to the Avalon Smart Energy Panel.
  • LED indicator and LCD screen for system status.
AC voltage 120/240 V
feed-in type split-phase
grid frequency 60 Hz
current rating 200 A
max input short circuit current 10 kA, 15 kA, or 25 kA*

*Depending on local jurisdiction and choice of breaker, this rating will vary.

overcurrent protection device 100 - 200A; service
entrance rated
AC meter non-RGM is standard, Revenue Grade Meter is optional
primary connectivity ethernet / wifi / bluetooth
user interface Fortress App
backup transition automatic transfer for backup
expandability supports up to 3 Avalon HV hybrid inverters, up to 35 kW backup load
limited warranty 5 years
dimensions 35.4" x 22.2" x 9.45"
(900 x 565 x 240mm)
weight 55 lbs
(25 kg)
mounting options wall mount
Electrical Connections
smart load control 12 positions. Control up to 12 single phase loads (120V), 6 split phase loads (240V), or any combination, up to 50A**

** Promotion offer, may terminate without notice.
Standard offer: 6 positions. Control up to 6 single phase loads (120V), 3 split phase loads (240V), or any combination, up to 50A. Addition load control optional.

smart load control modes automatic, scheduled, or manual control
EV charging smart load provision up to 50A
AC coupling smart load provision up to 50A
generator smart load provision up to 50A
non-backup lug connections included
operating temperature -4F to 122F
(-20C to 50C)
operating humidity up to 100%, condensing
maximum elevation 9,843 ft
environment indoor and outdoor rated
enclosure type NEMA 3R
Compliance & Certificates
certifications UL67, UL1741 PCS, UL869A, UL916
emissions FCC Part 15, ICES 003
Accessories (not included, unless otherwise noted)
main breaker Eaton CSR2200N, 2pole/200A
PCS inverter backup breaker Eaton BR260 or BR2125, 1 or 2 or 3pole / 60Aor125A / 25kAIC
PCS inverter DIN rail breaker (included in inverter packaging) B1N1C40, 1 pole / 40A, for 7.6kW Avalon inverter
B1N1C60, 1 pole / 60A, for 11.4kW Avalon inverter
other system components (EV, AC coupled inverter, generator) based on component spec
hold down kit Eaton X-IQ-NA-HD-200A with screws

Avalon BMS and Battery Pack

  • Ultra-thin space saving design
  • 14.7 - 29.4 kWh (scalable up to 176.4 kWh)
  • Sealed IP65 rated enclosure protects against dust, water, and humidity
  • Active heating & passive cooling temperature management for outdoor installs
  • 8,000+ cycle life with tier 1 automotive grade Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery
  • Modular design that is easily stackable and expandable
  • Easy installation & logistics
Specifications: HV-BAT-14.7P1M3
battery modules 3
nominal voltage (V) 144
operation voltage range (V) 119.25 ~ 157.5
nominal capacity (Ah) 102
nominal energy (kWh) 14.7
nominal charge/discharge current (A) 50
maximum surge rate 80A, 15 sec
maximum units in parallel 4
limited warranty (years) 15
cycle life @ EOL 70% 8,000
communication protocol CAN
weight 302 lbs
(137 kg)
size (LxHxD) 43" x 28.15" x 10.96"
(1092 x 715 x 278.4 mm)
ingress protection IP65
operation temperature charge: -10C to 50C
discharge: -20C to 55C
certifications UL1973, UL9540, UL9540A, CEC, SGIP, AC156
transportation classification UN3480, Class 9

Fortress Power Mobile App

  • Simple: One App for the entire energy storage system! The Fortress Power App uses straightforward descriptions and images to help you set-up and operate your energy storage system. Weve simplified the process so that you can have quicker installs, fewer callbacks, and fewer confused customers.
  • Visual: No more hard-to-interpret screens of confusing numbers. The Fortress Power App presents users with an intuitive visualization of the flow of power through their system.
  • Configurable: Take control of your energy usage during a blackout. Automatically shed loads when your ba ery gets low to preserve power for other critical devices. Automatically turn them back on when your ba ery is charged back up. The most powerful way yet to Secure Your Energy.

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