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RVEcoExplorer ULTRA > 600W 800 AH RV Power Charge Kit
EcoExplorer ULTRA > 600W 800 AH RV Power Charge Kit

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Our Price: $6,275.00

Product Code: RV-KIT-ULTRA-800AH


EcoExplorer ULTRA > 600 Watt 800 Amp Hour RV Power Charge Kit: Power Anywhere!

Need a solution to charge your batteries during the day so you can power your electronics at night? EcoDirect's Power Charge Ultra Kit may be the solution you need.

EcoExplorer ULTRA RV Power Charge Kit Includes

  • 800 Amp Hour Battery Bank
  • Shore Power Ready
  • 600 Watt Solar Array
  • Monitoring, circuit breakers, and cabling included

What it will do for you:

  • Charge batteries during the day so you have power at night
  • Charge controller prevents overcharging
  • Maintain battery life even while you aren’t using your RV
  • Charge TWO battery banks simultaneously!

Solar Panels - Quantity 2:
Canadian Solar > 320 Watt HiDM High Density Mono-PERC Solar Panel - 35mm BoB

Monocrystalline Solar Panel. 35mm Black Frame, Black Backsheet.

Model CS1H-320MS-Black
Series CS1H-MS
Manufacturer Canadian Solar


Type Monocrystalline
Dimensions 66.9" x 39.1" x 1.38"
Weight 42.3 lbs
Frame Black Anodized aluminum
Connector Junction Box - IP68, 3 diodes
(w MC4 compatible leads)


Watts (STC) 320 W
Max Power Voltage (VMPP) 35.8 V
Max Power Current (IMPP) 9.01 A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 43.3 V
Short Circuit Current (ISC) 9.51 A
Max System Voltage (UL) DC 1000 V


  • 10 Years Materials and Workmanship
  • 25 Years linear power output

Product Description

With Canadian Solar’s innovative module technology and HiDM High Density Mono-PERC cell technology, we will offer our customers high power modules up to 330 W with enhanced aesthetics appearance. Through maximizing the light absorption area and removing the loss of ribbon resistance, the module efficiency can reach up to 19.86 %.


  • Maximize the light absorption area, module efficiency up to 19.86 %
  • Low temperature coefficient (Pmax)
  • Better shading tolerance
  • Lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature
  • Cell crack risk limited in small region, enhance the module reliability
  • Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa, wind load up to 2400 Pa


Data Sheet Canadian Solar CS1H-MS Black
Warranty Canadian Solar Panels

Batteries - Quantity 4:
Fullriver 6 Volt 415 Amp Hour AGM Battery

Model DC400-6
Series DC
Manufacturer Fullriver
Type AGM Deep Cycle
Dimensions 15.90" x 11.61" x 7.05"
Weight 123.2 lbs
Shipping Method Freight
Nominal Voltage 6V
Rated Capacity (20 Hour Rate) 415 AH


  • Superior Deep Cycle Design
  • High Power Density
  • Thick Plates and High-density Active Material
  • 7 Year Warranty


Data Sheet Fullriver DC400-6
Installation and Operation Manual Full River Battery

Off-Grid Inverter:
Magnum Energy Inverter MS2012-20B, 2000 watt, 12 volt, with 2 20 Amp AC breakers

A Magnum Energy remote control is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with every Magnum Inverter so that the inverter features can be modified and error codes recovered.
Optional Remote Control pictured here must be ordered separately.
This is the same inverter as the MS2012, but with 2 20 amp AC breakers

Detailed Description

MS2012 Magnum Energy Inverter/Charger
2000 Watt 12 Volt Pure Sine Wave The MS Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger for Mobile and Off Grid Applications Introducing the MS Series Inverter/ Charger from Magnum Energy - a new pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for the most demanding mobile and off grid applications. The MS Series is powerful, easy-to-use, and best of all, cost effective. Safe and reliable:The MS Series is ETL listed to the stringent requirements of UL/cUL 458 for mobile use and UL 1741 for off grid installations.

Easy-to-install: Install the MS Series in four easy steps:simply connect the inverter's output to your distribution circuits or electrical panel, connect your shore power cable (AC) to the inverter's easy-to-reach terminal block, connect the batteries, and switch on the power.


The MS Series Inverter/Charger is loaded with features:

Pure sine wave: Power your T.V.s, stereos, plasma screens, and other sensitive electronics without worry. The pure sine wave inverter and power factor corrected charger provide clean, reliable inverter power with low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 5%.

Choices: The MS Series comes in three power models and 12 and s24 volt configurations, allowing you to choose the model that is right for you.

Uprgradeable memory: The inverter is designed with Flash programming for easy memory upgrades.

Versatile mounting: Mount the MS Series on a shelf, bulkhead, or even upside down.

Lightweight: The lightweight aluminum base and cover also provides noise reduction and corrosion resistance.

Multiple ports:The MS Series provides multiple ports, including an RS485 communication port for network expansion, and a remote port.

Accessible design: The extra large AC access cover with terminal screw block and 360 degree DC connection terminals with covers make this inverter more accessible when it needs to be.

Convenient switches: The MS Series comes with an on/off inverter-mounted switch with an easy-to-read LED indicator.

Expanded transfer relay: 50 Amp transfer service is available on all models.

Buy with ease
: The MS Series is backed by a three-year (36-month) limited warranty.

Accessories and Options: Remote Control: For convenient finger-tip operation, including the new one-knob programming.

AGS module: Automatically starts and stops your generator based on temperature or battery voltage.

Inverter Specifications:
Input battery voltage: 9 to 17 VDC
Nominal AC output voltage: 120 VAC
Output frequency and accuracy: 60 Hz +- 0.005%
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <5%
1 msec surge current: 50 amps AC
100 msec surge current: 33 amps AC
5 sec surge power: 3300 real watts
30 sec surge power: 3100 real watts
5 min surge power: 2800 real watts
30 min surge power: 2200 real watts
Continuous power output at 25C: 2000 VA
Rated input battery current: 225 ADC
Inverter efficiency: 89%
Transfer time: 16 msecs
Search Module (with remote): 0.3 ADC
No Load (120 VAC output with remote): 0.2 ADC
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave

Charger Specifications
Continuous output at 25C: 100 ADC
Charger efficiency: 85%
Power Factor: >0.95
Input current at rated output: 15 AC amps

General Features and Capabilities
Transfer relay capability: MS2012, MS2812, MS4024: 2 legs at 30a for 120 V/30 A or 240 V/60 A service
MS2000: 30 A single input
Five stage charging capability: Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize, and Battery Saver
Battery temperature compensation: with available temp sensor (battery temp 0 to 50C)
Remote inverter on/off witch: With available pigtail to connect to dry contact
Internal cooling: 0 to 120 cfm variable speed drive using dual 92 mm brushless DC fans
Over-current protection: Yes, with two overlapping circuits
Over-temperature protection: Yes on transformer, MOSFETS, and battery
Conformal coating on PCB's for corrosion protection: yes
Powder coated chassis and top for corrosion protection: yes
Stainless steel fasteners for corrosion protection: yes
Dual AC branch rated output breakers: Optional on the MS2000 and MS2012 - AC breakers in 15 or 20 amp ratings
Listings: ETL listed to UL/cUL 458, UL 1741, CSA C22.2 #107.1-01, meets KKK-A-1822E standard

: Three years

Environmental Specifications:
Operating temperature: -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)
Non-operation temperature: -40C to 70C (-40F to 158F)
Operating humidity: 0 to 95% RH non condensing
Physical Specifications
Mounting: Shelf (top or bottom up) or bulkhead (vents up)
Max operating altitude: 15,000' / 4570m

Dimensions: (HWD): 13.75" x 12.65" x 8.0" / 349 x 321 x 203 mm
Weight: 43 lbs/19.75 kg


Data Sheet Magnum MS Series
Competitive Comparison Magnum Energy

Charge Controller:
TriStar 60 Amp 12/24/48 Volt MPPT Charge Controller

Manufacturer Part Number: TS-MPPT-60

Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT (TS-MPPT-60) solar controller with TrakStar Technology is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charger for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 3kW. The controller provides the industry’s highest peak efficiency of 99% and significantly less power loss compared to other MPPT controllers. The TriStar MPPT features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV by rapidly finding the solar array peak power point with extremely fast sweeping of the entire I-V curve. This product is the first PV controller to include on-board Ethernet for a fully web-enabled interface and includes up to 200 days of data logging.

Features and Benefits

Maximizes Energy Harvest

  • Better peak power point tracking than other MPPT controllers
  • Very fast sweeping of the entire I-V curve
  • Recognition of multiple power points during shading or mixed PV arrays
  • Excellent performance at sunrise and low solar insolation levels

Extremely High Reliability

  • Robust thermal design and no cooling fans
  • Parallel circuit design provides less stress and longer life for electronic components
  • No mechanical relays
  • Extensive electronic protections including PV short circuit protection
  • Epoxy encapsulated inductors and conformally coated printed circuit boards

Very High Efficiency

  • Peak efficiency of 99%
  • Proprietary tracking algorithm minimizes power losses
  • Low self-consumption
  • Continuous operation at full power to 45°C without need to de-rate
  • Selected electronic devices with higher ratings to minimize losses from heating

Communications Capabilities

Enables system monitoring, data logging and adjustability. Uses open standard MODBUS™ protocol and Morningstar’s MS View software

  • Meterbus: communications between compatible Morningstar products
  • Serial RS-232: connection to a personal computer
  • EIA-485: communications between multiple devices on a bus
  • Ethernet: fully web-enabled interface to a local network or internet; view from a web browser or send email/text messages

Metering and Data Logging

  • Optional TriStar meter and remote meter provides detailed operating data, alarms and faults
  • Three LED’s display system status
  • Up to 200 days of data logging via meters or communications ports
  • Technical Specifications


    Maximum Battery Current 60 amps
    Nominal Max
    Solar Input
    12 Volt
    24 Volt
    48 Volt
    800 Watts
    1600 Watts
    3200 Watts
    Peak Efficiency 99%
    Nominal System Voltage 12, 24, 36 or 48 volts DC
    Maximum Solar Open Circuit Voltage 150 volts DC
    Battery Operating Voltage Range 8-72 volts DC
    Maximum Self-consumption 2.7 Watts
    Transient Surge Protection 4500 Watts/port

    Electronic Protections

    • Solar: Overload, Short Circuit, High Voltage
    • Battery: High Voltage
    • High Temperature
    • Lightning and Transient Surges
    • Reverse Current at Night

    Battery Charging

    • Charging algorithm: 4-stage
    • Charging stages: Bulk, Absorption, Float, Equalize
    • Temperature Compensation
      Coefficient –5mV/°C/cell (25° ref)
      Range –30°C to +80°C
      Set points Absorption, Float, Equalize, HVD
      Note: Remote Temperature Sensor is included


    • Dimensions: 29.1 x 13.0 x 14.2 cm
      11.4 x 5.1 x 5.6 inch
    • Weight: 4.2 kg / 9.2 lbs.
    • Max. Wire Size: 35 mm² / 2 AWG
    • Conduit knockouts: M20; ½, 1, 1 ¼ inch
    • Enclosure: Type 1 (indoor and vented)


    • Ambient Temperature: –40°C to +45°C
    • Storage Temperature: –55°C to +100°C
    • Humidity: 100% non-condensing
    • Tropicalization: Epoxy encapsulation
      Conformal coating
      Marine rated terminals

    Communication Ports

    TS-MPPT-45 TS-MPPT-60
    MeterBus Yes Yes
    RS-232 Yes Yes
    EIA-485 No Yes
    Ethernet No Yes



    • CE Compliant
    • ETL Listed (UL1741)
    • cETL (CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-01)
    • FCC Class B Part 15 Compliant
    • Complies with (NEC) U.S. National Electric Code
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Manufactured in a certified ISO 9001 facility

    Warranty: Five year warranty period. Contact Morningstar for complete terms.

    Warning:This unit is not provided with a GFDI device. This charge controller must be used with an external GFDI device as required by the Article 690 of the National Electrical Code for the installation location.


    Data Sheet Morningstar Tristar MPPT
    Manual Morningstar Tristar MPPT
    Comparison: PWM vs MPPT Morningstar
    Warranty Morningstar

    Balance of System

    Balance of system includes EcoFeet mounting brackets for roof attachment, 25 feet of solar cable, an instruction manual, a hardware kit, and the other miscellaneous components necessary for the installation of the system.

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