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Conergy Suntop IV

Conergy’s SunTop IV mounting system with patented Quickstone technology provides significant advantages in roof mounting. Conergy SunTop has been designed to increase installation speed and ease effort, yet it still remains versatile enough for use on a variety of roofs. When combined with the SunTop Quick Configurator and a low SKU complexity, the SunTop mounting system delivers value across all aspects of your business operations, not just on the roof at the job site.

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Wiley WLY-10002 > Grounding lug for SunTop rail, Quickstone and WEEB Quick Mount PV QMR-GL-A-1 WEEB Grounding Lug with T-Bolt, for QRail
Our Price: $11.00
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Our Price: $11.00
more info
Wiley WLY-10002 > Grounding lug for SunTop rail, Quickstone and WEEB Quick Mount PV QMR-GL-A-1 WEEB Grounding Lug with T-Bolt, for QRail
Wiley Electroncs
Conergy Racking
Grounding Weeb
Quick Mount PV
QMR-GL-A-1 WEEB Grounding Lug with T-Bolt
for QRail

Features of Conergy's SunTop IV

Elegantly Versatile

Conergy SunTop IV offers an elegant yet simple installation solution which can be mounted easily on most roof profiles and materials.

Significant Savings

With six rail lengths and an adjustable telescope end piece that can be combined to fit any size installation, Conergy SunTop reduces shipping, handling and inventory. With its engineering elegance and high level of pre-assembly, Conergy SunTop’s unique Quickstone technology dramatically reduces installation time.

Simple, Documented Code Compliance

The Conergy SunTop Quick Configurator helps ensure that all Conergy SunTop installations meet International Building Code, California Building Code, Canadian and Ontario Building Code standards and provides printed documentation of all important calculations.

Adjustable rail length

The Telescope technology eliminates the need to cut rail on the job site, while enabling precise, aesthetically pleasing module installations.

Module Compatibility

Conergy SunTop is compatible with framed PV modules from all major manufacturers. SunTop clamps for laminate modules are also available and are approved by First Solar for use with their modules.

Patented Labor-Saving Technology

The patented Quickstone nut saves time and effort. It can be dropped-in at any point along the rail channel and with 2 quick turns is held securely in the channel but can still be slid into its precise position for final tightening. Quickstones are used for all SunTop connections and clamps and allow the entire mounting system to be installed on the roof anchors with a single 6mm hex tool.

Technical specifications

Mounting type: Flush mount
Roof types: Suitable for most types of roofing (shingle, tile, metal, etc.)
Compatible PV modules: Framed and laminate modules from all major manufacturers
Rail height adjustability: Up to 2-1/2” (63 mm) using L-Foot with optional extension plate
Available rail lengths (ft): 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’. Custom lengths available (minimum quantities apply).
Rail length adjustability: 0-2’ with Telescope
Certifications and standards: CBC2010, IBC2009, Aluminum Design Manual 2005, ASCE 7-05
Rail material: Aluminum
All other system materials: All system components are made of stainless steel or aluminum
Finish: Mill finish
Warranty: 10-year limited product warranty

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