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No More Blackouts

When the lights go out, where can you turn? EcoDirect's Backup Power solutions include plug-in battery chargers and grid-tie, battery charging inverters like Outback's popular new Radian.

Sometimes, you just canít afford to lose power. Perhaps you have delicate medical equipment that must be powered at all times; perhaps constant outages are preventing you from getting anything accomplished. Whatever the reason, EcoDirectís Backup Power solutions can help.

Grid Interactive Inverters

Grid-interactive inverters offer the benefits of both grid-tie and off-grid inverters. Like grid-tie inverters, they can be tied into the utility grid so you donít need to completely offset your energy needs with solar or purchase a battery bank large enough to store all the power youíll need in case you get a string of dark, stormy days. Excess energy can still be fed back into the grid, so you will reap the benefits of net metering.

Like off-grid inverters, grid-interactive inverters can charge a battery bank while they power your home, allowing you to store backup power. As an added benefit, these inverters do not go down when the power goes out like grid-tie inverters do. Instead, they simply stop drawing power from the grid and keep going.

Currently, EcoDirectís most popular grid interactive inverter is the Outback Radian, but there are a variety of other options available depending on your needs:

Portable Backup Power

Need backup power but solar isnít an option? These compact systems store energy in their internal batteries when you plug them into your homeís AC outlets. Then, when the power goes out, you can plug your essential electronics into one of the systemís outlets.

These solutions are superior to traditional generators because they are quiet, clean, and safe for indoor use. They are also powerful: the Xantrex PowerHub 1800, for example, can power a small office for up to 12 hours.

EcoDirect also carries a line of solar backup power solutions such as IDS Solar's line of backup power kits.