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Apollo Solar AS500 > MV Current Shunt 500/50

Apollo Solar MV Current Shunt - Shunt 500/50 - AS500


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Product Code: APOLLO-AS500


Apollo Solar MV Current Shunt 500/50

Manufacturer Part Number: AS500

A shunt is required in all T80 installations. The shunt may be purchased separately if the system does not already include one.

Detailed Description

The T80 and T100 TurboCharger products include the hardware and software to measure and display the State of Charge (SOC) of the Battery. The method used is considerably more practical and accurate than simply measuring battery voltage because the battery voltage in typical systems will read very high when the battery is being charged and read very low when the battery is simply being used by the load. Apollo Solar uses a method which continually measures the current going into the battery from all charging devices and the current going out of the battery to all loads.

Use of the Shunt and Shunt Board

The Charge Controller determines when the battery is completely charged as it goes into Float mode and resets the SOC accumulator. Then the shunt measures the current going out of or into the battery on a continuous basis. The results are displayed on the LCD of the T80 TurboCharger and on the Remote Display if used. The shunt is wired in series with the negative lead of the battery.

Parallel Charge Controllers

Since all the battery current must pass through a single shunt, there will only be one shunt in any system. When the system uses multiple T80 TurboChargers connected in parallel, the ASNET Option Cards (T80 Network Option Cards) are used to tie them together. Only one shunt with one shunt Board is used to measure the total accumulated current.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the benefits of using the Apollo Solar Shunt?

    The Apollo Shunt is essential for the system to operate at optimal levels. It serves as a hub for connecting critical measurement sensors: battery voltage sense, current sense, and battery temperature sensor. This is key to the built-in Energy Monitor function, which tracks energy harvest data and the battery state of charge (SOC).

  • Can I mount the Shunt board on the shunt I already have in the system?

    Yes, as long as it is a 500A – 50mV shunt whose measurement terminals are 1" apart.

  • Why would I need the Apollo 500A-50mv shunt?

    The Apollo shunt is designed to provide the proper voltage and current input to the T80 in order to facilitate the Trimetric function. It also provides a convenient means or connecting the T80 battery temperature sensor which is required for equalization.

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