ABB > Meter / Data Logger for up to 5 Residential ABB String Inverters

This high-performance data management system for home PV system operations collects data from up to 5 ABB inverters, logs it on site, and then acts as an internet gateway to send the data in near real time to be stored on ABB’s servers where it is accessible via a web browser. Using the data collected by this data manager and in combination with the browser accessible Plant Viewer, this residential solution allows home owners, friends, and family to track energy production and environmental benefits. In addition, performance degradation can be tracked to enable timely cleaning and maintenance.

The compact indoor enclosure saves space and allows installation in unobtrusive and out of the way places. Quick installation and fast provisioning (Including DHCP client for Auto IP assignment) result in a plug and play experience.

Its Ethernet connection sends a reliable and secure transmission of data with time-stamps and CRC checksums to prevent tampering. A 120VAC to 12 VDC power supply is included.