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Product Code: MAGNUM-RTR



The Magnum ME-RTR provides parallel capability for the MS-PAE Series inverters and includes many of the same features as the ME-ARC advanced remote control.

The router is designed with a user-friendly LCD display and rotary SELECT knob that allows all connected MS-PAE series inverter/chargers to be programmed in sync without the need to program each inverter separately. The router will accommodate up to four MSPAE inverter/chargers in parallel plus accessories.

The router is designed to easily and quickly connect the MS-PAE series inverter/charger in parallel without the need to program each inverter. The router will accommodate up to four MSPAE inverter/chargers in parallel plus accessories.

The router comes with four 6 ft. CAT 5 cables for parallel stacking. These cables must be used when installing the router. They are like standard CAT 5 cables, but are rated for 300 VAC to allow their use with the MS-PAE inverters, and they meet the electrical safety code requirements.

Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.6 × 2.4 × 3 inches

  • Weight: 2.2 lbs

  • At-a-glance LED indicators provide the statuses of inverter/charger, router, communication ports, and auxiliary relay in a straightforward way.

  • The LCD display is a 20 x 4 line (80 characters total) alphanumeric display that is used for setting up the inverter/charger operation, as well as for viewing current status or fault messages.

  • Two ON/OFF buttons allows all the inverters or chargers to be quickly enabled or disabled.

  • PORT Button scrolls through the six communication and accessory ports and displays information.

  • CTRL Button is used to select inverter, charger, and AGS functions previously set up using the SETUP button.

  • METER Button is used to access the ‘read only’ meters for DC, AC, AGS, and BMK.

  • SETUP Button is used to access the setup menus for the inverter, charger, AGS, and BMK. The SETUP button may be password protected to keep unauthorized users from accessing the SETUP menus.

  • TECH Button is used to access technical information, fault history, and to set a password for the SETUP button.

  • The Rotary Knob/SELECT Button is similar to a dash radio knob. Quickly scroll through Ports 1-6, or select various menu items and settings. Press this rotary knob to select a menu item or to save a setting, once it is displayed on the LCD screen.

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