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Toshiba LED Lighting

Toshiba has 120 years of experience in lighting. Beginning as a vision of an "electrified" Japan in 1890, the company has since gained a worldwide presence. With the release of its Environmental Vision 2050 in 2007, Toshiba showed that it was committed to more energy efficient lighting to help protect the environment.

LED Technology from Toshiba

At Toshiba, we're illuminating the world by introducing lighting technology that gives you everything you want and nothing you don't. That's why we like to think of it as pure light. Our LED lighting uses powerful technology born of 120 years of lighting heritage combined with limitless electronics knowledge. We are 100% focused on LED lighting and committed to making it the prominent technology in the lighting industry. Using our extensive experience in both the electronics and lighting industries, we are transforming the lighting landscape in a way no one else can.

Sustainable Lighting

LED technology is forever changing the disposable notion of lighting. Our LED lighting products last up to 40 times longer than incandescents, which reduces landfill waste. Plus our LED lights don't contain lead or mercury, are manufactured using recycled/recyclable materials and use up to 80% less energy compared to incandescents. At Toshiba, we're leaving old lighting technology behind and moving forward with high quality lighting that has less of an environmental impact.

The Right Lighting To Meet Your Needs

Our breadth of products gives you a variety of lumen outputs, color temperatures and distributions. That way you can find the right light for the right application. Take our powerful new PAR30 for instance: it provides 800 lumens and is available in three color temperatures and three beam angles. And our LED lamps emit up to 70% less UV light than halogens, so they cause less damage to the objects they illuminate. With our innovation, we truly believe there is no limit to what LED lighting can do.

Legendary Quality

At Toshiba, we take great pride in our reputation for high standards and reliable, innovative products. Our technology carries on that tradition by boosting the performance and efficiency of our LED lighting from the inside out. So now the same company that's known worldwide for delivering quality laptops, televisions and other electronics will be just as well known for high-quality LED lighting. We have dedicated 100% of our efforts to LED technology, and it's that commitment combined with our expertise that is changing the way everyone thinks about lighting.

About Toshiba

120 Years of Lighting Experience

Ichisuke Fujioka had a dream—the electrification of Japan. In 1884, Ichisuke met Thomas Edison at the World Fair in the United States. The meeting inspired him, and in 1890, Ichisuke established Hakunetsu-sha, Japan's first plant for electric incandescent lamps. Hakunetsu-sha eventually merged with Shibaura Engineering Works, Co. to form what is now modern day Toshiba Corporation. Throughout the twentieth century, Toshiba consistently progressed in its lighting technology and developed many new products, including the double-coil electric bulb, the interior frosted electric bulb, and the bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp. By the turn of the century, environmental concerns had grown to unprecedented levels. In 2007, Toshiba published its Environmental Vision 2050, which defined goals aimed at addressing and improving environmental problems. This initiative, along with the joining of Toshiba's innovative semiconductor and lighting technologies, led to the creation and global expansion of Toshiba's LED lighting product line. Toshiba now offers LED bulbs and fixture lighting globally.

Philosophy of Akari

"Akari," a Japanese word literally translated as "light" or "lighting," means so much more to the Japanese culture. The philosophy of akari is a lifestyle—creating a warm, relaxing mood and enhancing people's environment through the use of lighting. This concept dates back to the pre-modern era when lighting was simply candlelight. Akari has been an essential part of life, playing an important role in nurturing culture, tradition, and atmosphere.

As the first company to commercialize light bulbs in Japan over 100 years ago, Toshiba has long contributed to the development of modern "akari" lifestyles in the Japanese culture and is now ready to expand its philosophies and traditions across the world providing optimal lighting solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers worldwide.

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