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Panasonic Solar Panels

Panasonic recently bought Sanyo's line of solar panels. The panels retain their high efficiency and superior quality. In fact, the Panasonic / Sanyo HIT series solar panels are one the most efficient solar panels in the market. Using Panasonic solar panels, you can obtain maximum power within a fixed amount of space. While these panels might be higher cost per watt than lower efficiency panels, they compensate by providing the same power with fewer panels, resulting in savings on racking and installation costs.

Panasonic's bifacial HIP panels are an excellent option for applications where you need even more power per square foot. With double-sided technology further increasing the potential power these panels can generate, these are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make the most of their limited space.

Sanyo HIT-N220A01 > 220 Watt Solar Panel Sanyo HIT-N225A01 > 225 Watt Solar Panel
Our Price: $412.50
Our Price: $421.88
Sanyo HIT-N220A01 - 220 Watt 42 Volt Solar Panel Sanyo 225 Watt 43 Volt Solar Panel - HIT-N225A01