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Lumeta 400 Watt 82 Volt BIPV Solar Panel - PowerPly 400

Warranty: 25 Years
Volts: 82 V

Availability: Call for availability.
Product Code: LUMETA-POWERPLY-400


Lumeta 400 Watt BIPV Solar Panel

Model PP-400
Series PowerPly
Manufacturer Lumeta


Type Mono
Dimensions 92.9" x 48.4" x 0.4"
Weight 65 lbs


Watts (STC) 400 W
Watts (PTC)
Max Power Voltage (VMPP) 82 V
Max Power Current (IMPP) 4.88 A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 98.9 V
Short Circuit Current (ISC) 5.33 A
Max System Voltage (UL) DC 600 V


  • 10 Year materals and workmanship
  • 12 years 90% warranted minimum power
  • 25 years 80% warranted minimum power

Detailed Information

Lumeta utilizes monocrystalline cells to maximize energy output per roof area, and a standard EVA based cell encapsulation process. The fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) substrate in the PowerPly design provides needed rigidity to the module, replacing the TPT (Tedlar/ Polyester /Tedlar) flexible substrate used in traditional modules. This high efficiency technology is enhanced by Lumeta’s adhesive backing material, which eliminates the need for rack mounting systems, yielding seamless integration with the roof. The adherence properties of this adhesive material exceed all wind uplift requirements for roof mounted modules, and its chemical composition is compatible with most roofing surfaces. This direct roof application reduces installation time by about 60% and Balance of System (BOS) costs by up to 50%.

PowerPly’s front sheet of DuPont fluoropolymer and FRP substrate yield a module that is both light weight and durable. At only 1.9 lbs/sq ft (9.2 kg/sq meter), Lumeta PowerPly is 40% lighter than traditional rack mounted and ballasted systems. The low, 0.4 in (1 cm) height module also minimizes potential water ponding issues.

High Installed Power Density

Most buildings' electricity usage exceeds the maximum amount of electricity that can be generated by a solar system, so there is a need to maximize the amount of electricity generated from the available roof area. Lumeta utilizes monocrystalline cell technology throughout its product line, the most efficient solar cell technology available in the market today, resulting in a 2X power density (Watts/ sq ft of area) advantage over thin film based solar products.

Minimized Roof Load

Traditional solar modules can add up to 3.5 lb/sq. ft of additional weight to the roof system supporting the solar installation. Many roof systems in low snow load geographies can only withstand limited additional weight, likely to be exceeded by a traditional solar module system's weight load. Lumeta's PowerPly modules in contrast, only add 1.8 lbs/sq. ft of weight to the underlying roof system, well within the weight limits of most roof systems.

No Roof Penetrations

Mounting systems associated with traditional modules need to be attached/anchored to the underlying roof system. These attachments result in numerous penetrations to the roof systems supporting the solar installation. Penetrations at the very least increase the maintenance requirements of the underlying roof system, and can lead to leaks and roof system failures. Lumeta's PowerPly modules directly adhere to the underlying roof system, eliminating the need for anchoring or fastening the modules.

Simplified Installation

By eliminating the need for mounting systems and hardware associated with traditional solar modules, Lumeta PowerPly and Solar Tile modules simplify the installation process, reducing both the quantity of parts and labor used in installing solar systems. Furthermore, since Lumeta modules have no exposed metal, there is no need for grounding lugs or grounding connections associated with traditional solar modules, further simplifying the installation process.

Enhanced Safety

PowerPly combines a DuPont Tefzel front sheet and a lightweight composite substrate eliminating the glass and aluminum frame structure of conventional modules. PowerPly is designed for low slope applications as it adheres directly to the roof without racking, eliminating wind loading issues and makes it theft-resistant. Lumeta modules have no exposed metal and has a Class B Fire rating design.

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